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Pallets without PBDEs, DecaBDEs? YES, SIR!

PBDEs? Not In Our Pallets

Pallets Without PBDEs

We’ve received many inquiries from material handling professionals in the Food, Drug, and Pharmaceutical businesses who would like to know if we carry pallets without PBDEs and Deca-BDEs.

40 x 48 Nestable Light Duty Plastic Pallet # PP-O-40-NL7

40 x 48 Nestable Light Duty Plastic Pallet # PP-O-40-NL7

Do Our Pallets Contain PBDEs or Deca-BDEs? No Way

None of the products sold by One Way Solutions LLC, including plastic pallets and plastic containers, contain polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs ) or deca-brominated diphenyl ethers (Deca-BDEs).

Need a copy of our PBDE-free statement certifying that we only sell containers and pallets without PBDEs?

Download it here: PBDEs+DecaPBDEs-Blanket-Statement

What are PBDEs and Deca-BDEs?

Molecular Structure of PBDEs

Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and deca-brominated diphenyl ethers (Deca-BDEs) are brominated hydrocarbons with a molecular structure that includes between 2 and 10 bromine atoms.

Pallets without Deca-PBDEs Molecular Structure

Deca-PBDE Molecular Structure

Wait, why not 1 bromine atom? Because ‘poly’ means many (more than 1).

Deca-BDEs have 10 bromine atoms.

What are PBDE & DecaPBDEs used for?

Clue: You’re getting warmer…

PBDEs are used as Flame Retardants.

PBDEs Flame Retardant

Is using PBDEs as flame retardants worth the risk?

Also: What is an FDA pallet?

Are PBDE & DecaPBDEs harmful?

Yes, PBDEs and DecaPBDEs are believed to cause reproductive and neurological risks to living creatures and are known to impact hormonal levels in the thyroid.

Polybrominated diphenyl ethers are also toxic developing brains in utero.

Although not directly connected, liver cancer has been observed in mice exposed to higher levels of HBDPs.

Lower brominated PBDEs (less than 5 bromine atoms) are especially bad because they more easily bioaccumulate in living organisms.

Yes, PBDEs and DecaPBDEs are harmful and should be carefully avoided; it’s only logical that we refuse to sell pallets containing them.

We Hope That Helps!

We hoped you enjoyed learning about PBDEs and are product that they are completely absent from our plastic pallets and contains..

We’d love to hear from you – please let us know how other EPA & FDA regulations have created challenges to your operations.

Need Help Selecting A Pallet?

Our Plastic Pallet Experts are happy to help you find the right plastic Plastic Pallet and send you a quote that includes shipping costs.

Please contact us to find the perfect pallet at the best price.

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Robin Spencer Kiefer connects customers with solutions and products. Robin is the Digital Marketing Manager of One Way Solutions.

Plastic Pallet Materials

Plastic Pallet Materials

Plastic Pallet Materials

Plastic Pallets are made from a variety of different materials. Each have their own benefits and challenges. When selecting the right plastic material for your pallet’s application, there are two main and opposing aspects to consider; impact resistance & rigidity. In general, these aspects are inversely correlated.

In other words:

The more rigid a pallet is, the less impact resistance it possesses.

The less rigidity a pallet has, the more impact resistance it possesses.

Resistance and Rigidity

A pallet that is very rigid will typically have poor impact resistance. Similarly, a plastic pallet with high impact resistance will usually be less rigid.

Popular Plastic Pallet Materials

As is true for many of our blog features, there is no right or wrong pallet, only what is best for your conditions.

With that in mind, here are some of the more popular plastic pallet material types:

High Density Polyethylene Pallets (HDPE Pallets)

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE): This is by far the most common material used to mold plastic pallets. Milk jugs are the single largest use of HDPE and is known as a very versatile resin. It is also very inexpensive compared to other plastics, especially recycled resin. It offers plastic pallets a middle of the road compromise between impact resistance and rigidity.

HDPE Pallet Benefits:

  • Impact Resistance
  • Resistance to Freezing
  • Highly resistant to strong acids and bases.

In one sentence: HDPE is the most common, versatile, and cheapest material used amongst the different types

In one sentence: HDPE is the most common, versatile, and cheapest material used amongst the different types of plastics.

Pro Tip: HDPE pallets absorb little to no water, making them easy to clean and store!

Polypropylene Pallets (PP Pallets)

Polypropylene (PP): PP is the second most widely use resin used in plastic pallets. It is much more rigid but lacks the impact resistance of HDPE. It’s also usually more expensive that HDPE.

PP Polypropylene Pallet Benefits:

  • Stronger than HDPE
  • More Rigid than HDPE
  • Excellent crush recovery – more resilient!

In one sentence: PP costs more to produce and is not as commonly used, as much as HDPE.

Pro Tip: Polypropylene it is extremely resistant to chemical solvents, acids, and bases!

Polyolefin Pallets (PO Pallets)

Polyolefin (PO): PO is basically a catch-all for plastic materials that don’t fall into any of the other categories. For our purposes, PO is a proprietary blend of HDPE, PP, and cellulose that is found in many of our plastic pallets. It is sometimes referred to as ACM (Advanced Composite Material). The benefits are very high rigidity and low cost, but is difficult to mold, is very brittle, and cannot get wet. The cellulose expands and leeches the carbon black used to color the pallets. This type of plastic is often used in the production of one time use pallets or export pallets, this means that once they are sent out there will not be an expectation to have them returned.

PP Polyolefin Pallet Benefits:

  • Lower cost pallets
  • Good option if pallets do not need to be returned or reused (export, one way pallets)

In one sentence: PO is a plastic blend that is common, but cannot get wet and is harder to manufacture.

Pro Tip: Don’t expose polyolefin plastic pallets to water!

Fiberglass Pallets

Fiberglass is a recent entry in plastic pallet materials. There are only a couple manufacturers in the world with this capability and they employ proprietary methods. Typically, the pallets are coated with clear finish to seal in the glass fibers. This adds significant cost but produces a pallet that is extremely rigid and has high impact resistance. In addition, it has excellent fire retardant properties without any added fillers.

Fiberglass Pallet Benefits:

  • Extremely flex resistant
  • Extremely Impact-resistant
  • Naturally fire-retardant

In one sentence: Fiberglass pallets consist of a glass and plastic mixture, they are very strong, but can be very costly.

Pro Tip: Fiberglass pallets allow lots of stacking capabilities, so tack them up to utilize floor space!

Share your Comments!

What type of plastic pallets best suits your needs?

What are your opinions on the different pallet materials currently on the market?

We’d love to hear from you – please share thoughts in the comments below.

Need Help Selecting A Pallet?

Our Plastic Pallet Experts are happy to help you find the right plastic pallet and send you a quote that includes shipping costs. Please contact to find the perfect pallet at the best price.

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Robin Spencer Kiefer connects customers with solutions and products. Robin is the Digital Marketing Manager of One Way Solutions.

Used Plastic Pallets – Are they right for you?

Used Plastic Pallets

Used Plastic Pallets – Are they right for you?

This article will address the debate of why used pallets are an option, but typically not the best. In the purchasing process of buying plastic pallets, many come to the conflict of deciding between used plastic pallets or new. This is due to the idea that used pallets are cheaper. To many peoples disbelief; if the pallet has intention of being used for its given life span, in the long run a new pallet is cheaper while measuring cost against age. A longer lasting pallet will cover the price over a longer stretch of time.

Pros & Cons

Pros of buying and using a used plastic pallet:

The main factor that draws buyers in to purchase a used plastic pallet is none other than price. Usually the price is lower for certain models if you buy the product used. For example, typically pallets that are 44×56 and rackable 40×48 are cheaper if bought used.

However, not all models are in line with that idea. Our NM7 pallet is priced so aggressively, any savings a customer may encounter from buying a used NM7 will be trivial and is far outweighed by the benefits of buying it new (since it’s basically the same price new or used). Meaning, the value of buying new outweighs buying used significantly on certain pallets. Outside of minimal savings, there are not many pros to purchasing used plastic pallets.

Cons of buying and using a used plastic pallet:

Used plastic pallets have a few risky aspects buyers should pay attention to, these ideas could save the product being shipped and the company image of the product. First on the list is the possibility of untrustable sellers.

At times companies are willing to sell their used pallets to buyers who plan to sell them again. These second hand buyers may offer a good deal but they can sometimes be untrustworthy. It goes without saying that buying from non-qualified sellers can be tempting due to price, do not fall for it.

Another disadvantage of buying used is the uncertainty if condition. Because the pallets have been used, how is someone able to identify the quality of a given pallet without seeing it with their own eyes once they get shipped and have already been paid for? The risk is not worth the reward in this case.

Quality of pallets is a major factor in the shipping and representation of your product. Company image goes right along with the idea of pallet quality. You do not want to be shipping potentially damaged pallets to a customer. A customer always wants to see a pallet that looks reliable, the kind of pallet one can be confident with.

A used pallet with bad quality, due to age and use, arriving at a warehouse can damage the brand and company image in the eyes of the customer. It could possibly even deter future sales with customers!

Regarding the actual used pallet order process, it is hard to get a uniform order all around. First, used pallet orders can come in all different types of colors; making it hard to sort and organize. Also, they can sometimes come in odd numbers due to available quantity. The kind of used pallet you want may not be in stock or there are not enough for you, there is little to no way to ensure availability with used pallets. Those two factors can cause uncertainty in the ordered product, is it really worth the few dollar savings to have an unreliable all around product?

There was one time in the past where a used pallet buyer thought he/she was getting a good deal with purchasing used plastic pallets. Ends up the seller was reselling old USPS pallets. Leading to legal trouble and the seller actually went to jail. This process was very inconvenient for the buyer which could have been troubleshooted by purchasing new, safe plastic pallets.

Used pallet sellers cannot always be trusted as stated before. Some used pallets may look good in pictures or even in person but you can never really tell the true quality of the pallet until it is put to use. What many buyers do not realize is that where the used pallet is stored is a major factor in quality.

Typically used pallets are put outside because of the new being kept inside. This does not only expose the to different weather conditions that could degrade the pallet itself, it also becomes exposed to UV rays. UV rays can harm the durability and structure of a pallet that has been left unprotected outside.

After reading this article you may be thinking there is nothing to prevent or come back from a used pallet order. That is wrong, there are a few things you can look for to make a used pallet order successful. First is to try and use credit card, this will allow for the option of chargeback is the purchase goes south. Along with this idea of payment, if the dealer asks for prepayment you should stop and say to yourself, “can I trust this?”. Used pallets are already a big enough gamble, you need to have the option of a refund or return in the works. Be careful when dealing with used pallets, always have a backup plan.


Yes, used plastic pallets are an option. Are they the best and most reliable option? Absolutely not.

Share your Comments!

If you have dealt with used pallets, what was your experience like? Please share any comments you think of, we would love to hear from you!

Need assistance on your plastic pallet purchasing?

Our Plastic Pallet Experts are happy to help you find the right plastic pallet and send you a quote that includes shipping costs. Please contact to find the perfect pallet at the best price.

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Robin Spencer Kiefer connects customers with solutions and products. Robin is the Digital Marketing Manager of One Way Solutions.

Free Pallet Samples

Getting The Wrong Pallets: A Costly Mistake

Minimum order quantities can make testing plastic pallets more expensive due to:

  • Minimum order quantities
  • Cost of shipping
  • Downtime due to testing / loss of productivity
  • Possible inventory damage
  • More lost productivity if pallets don’t pass test / more pallets need to be tested

When shopping for the perfect plastic pallet you should have some confidence that success during the sampling process is likely! In order to have more confidence, assistance from one of our pallet expert should help with:

  • Reducing the time it takes to find the perfect/proper pallet
  • Reducing wasted freight costs & acquisition costs for testing pallets that don’t meet the needs of the customer.

Plastic Pallets for Free?!

Here at One Way Solutions, we have over 50 years of expertise in making sure that we connect our customers with the perfect plastic pallet for their needs. In doing this we have created an opportunity to allow our customers free pallet samples. We value our customers opinions and decisions when choosing our products. That being said, we have made it possible for our customers to sample any plastic pallet they may be interested in. Allowing free samples to our customers allows them the chance to see what our products are all about and gives them the ability to be matched with the perfect plastic pallet.

Start With A Sample Before You Buy

At One Way Solutions we allow our customers to sample our plastic pallets before committing to a purchase. We value our customers needs and satisfaction. In order for us to obtain 100% customer satisfaction we urge our customers to try a sample before making a purchase. Testing out our plastic pallets before purchasing is very important in making sure they serve their purpose to their fullest and best ability. When ordering a sample pallet some of the qualities to observe/test before purchase are:

  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Stackability/Netsability/Rackability
  • Deck type
  • Runners: yes or no?
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to clean

Free Samples 101

At One Way Solutions we value the choices our customers make when searching for the perfect plastic pallets.

We offer free plastic pallet samples as long as:

  • The total cost of the samples is less than $50
  • The quantity of units ordered is no greater than 2
  • The customer pays for shipping (or uses their own carrier)

Share your Comments!

Are you interested in sampling one of our plastic pallets? Lets us know! We’d love to hear from you – please share thoughts in the comments below.

Need Help Selecting A Pallet?

Our Plastic Pallet Experts are happy to help you find the right plastic pallet and send you a quote that includes shipping costs. Please contact us to find the perfect pallet at the best price.

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Robin Spencer Kiefer connects customers with solutions and products. Robin is the Digital Marketing Manager of One Way Solutions.

Plastic Pallets In Stock – Hello St. Louis

St. Louis Grand Opening!

Here at One Way Solutions, we are proud to announce the grand opening of our new St. Louis Warehouse! Our St. Louis warehouse will stock some of our best-selling, USA made pallets. In doing this we hope to outpace the constantly increasing demand for our plastic pallets! 

One Way Solutions Plastic Pallet Warehouse - St Louis

Now shipping from our new St. Louis warehouse!

Fully Stocked!

Our St. Louis warehouse will be housing many of our best selling plastic pallets, some of which will include:

PP-O-32-N2 32 x 48” Nestable Euro Pal 2 Plastic Pallet

PP-O-40-Eco1.3R 40 x 48” Rackable / Stackable Open Deck Plastic Pallet – 3 Runners – Black

PP-O-40-NL3.1 40 x 48” Nestable Plastic Pallet – Medium Duty

PP-O-45-NL 45 x 48” Nestable Plastic Automotive Pallet

PP-O-4545-N 45 x 45” Nestable Plastic Pallet

PP-S-40-R3 40 x 48” Solid Deck Rackable Plastic Pallet

General Sizing Options

At our new St. Louis warehouse we will be carrying different sizing options for the products listed above. Our sizing options are measured in inches and range from:

• 32 x 48” (Euro Pallets – fit smaller European sized trucks)

• 40 x 48” (Most popular size in the USA, most styles are offered in this size)

• 45 x 48” (Most popular in the automotive industry)

• 45 x 45” (Most commonly used to transport drums and chemicals. Also commonly used by the ocean freight industry)

Allowing our pallets to be available in different sizes is beneficial to our customers located in and outside of the US. Our different sizes allow our pallets to fit in different size transportation vehicles, ocean freights, and air freights. This is important to us so that our customers all over the world can purchase and utilize our pallets! 

Nestable and Rackable

Our St. Louis warehouse will contain different pallet options such as nestable and rackable plastic pallets. Nestable plastic pallets are designed in a way to stack more pallets at a safer height while also maintaining structure and balance. While our Rackable plastic pallets are designed to be more durable and reliable when stored on racks.

Positives of our Nestable Plastic Pallets:

  • Durable
  • Save floor space • Safer
  • Lighter in weight & density (reduces freight costs)
  • Improve stackability
  • Allow options for snap on runners

Positives of our Rackable Plastic Pallets:

  • Maximize floor space
  • FDA approved models available
  • Fire Retardant models available
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Safer


Our Promises to You!

At One Way Solutions we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, quality products, great lead times, and exceeding customer expectations. These are goals and achievements we carry through to all of our shipping locations and warehouses. Our newest addition, being our St. Louis warehouse, will be held to the same standards to provide the best service imaginable!

  • Lead Times – we promise to ship your order within 2-5 business days after the order is placed (depending on location).
  • Customer Service – We promise to always provide the best customer service and be on site as soon as an issue occurs. Our customer service never expires!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

About Robin Kiefer

Robin Spencer Kiefer connects customers with solutions and products. Robin is the Digital Marketing Manager of One Way Solutions.

What is an FDA Pallet

What is an FDA Pallet?

With food handling safety becoming an increasing concern, many of our food, beverage, and agricultural customers are requesting FDA plastic pallets.

Also: Was a Listeria outbreak caused by wood pallets?

A plastic FDA Pallet must be molded using virgin plastic resin and is most commonly blue in color.

FDA Pallet Regulations

FDA Pallet Regulations specify that pallets must made using basic component materials approved for single and repeated use food contact surfaces in compliance with the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION – FDA standard as set forth in Title 21 CFR 117.1630.

Why Blue FDA Pallets?

We don’t know for sure – but here are some theories:

  • The blue color helps set the pallets apart in warehouse full of wood colored and black colored pallets.
  • The FDA logo is sometimes blue.
  • Blue is traditionally symbolic of purity (drinking water).

What we do know is that it’s exceedingly difficult to manufacture a recycled plastic pallet in any color other than black or a shade of grey. So Blue and other vibrant colors, are a mark of purity and provide a strong indication that virgin resin was used to produce a pallet.

Manufacturing FDA Pallets

The reason recycled plastic pallets are hard to produce in a blue color, is that recycled plastic raw materials are rarely separated by color; the stock materials are usually a mix of different colored plastic flakes resembling a bowl of Fruity Pebbles (or Flintstones vitamins – take your pick).

Recycled plastic pallet materials

Recycled plastic pallet materials

In most cases, if no plastic colorant is added, you’ll end up with a black or grey pallet. Most pallet molders add carbon black to even out the finish and provide a consistent color. For this reason, it’s a solid bet that any pallet color other than black was made using virgin resin.

Plastic Pallet Trivia

Ready for some trivia? Good! Now that you’re learning plastic pallet rules, you should know when to break them.

Pro Tip: There are Black FDA Pallets and Grey FDA Pallets!

Extra Pro Tip: FDA pallets are made in Beige, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Grey, and Yellow – colors to suit all all tastes.

Virgin Resin Benefits

Why do FDA Plastic Pallets require virgin resin materials? Because purity is the key.

Virgin plastic resin provides transparency and can be traced to its source. It is clean and free of any contaminants, a crucial requirement for the food, beverage, agricultural and pharmaceutical industries.

In contrast, the source of recycled plastic materials is a unknown or untracked, coming from sources as such as consumer milk jugs, industrial crates, chemical containers, packaging materials and thousands of others post-consumer products – including retired plastic pallets themselves!

Blue FDA Pallet

Blue FDA Pallet

We Hope That Helps!

We hoped you enjoyed learning about FDA pallets.

We’d love to hear from you – please let us know how FDA pallets have helped you solve challenges for your business in the comments below.

Need Help Selecting An FDA Pallet?

Our Plastic Pallet Experts are happy to help you find the right plastic FDA Pallet and send you a quote that includes shipping costs.

Please contact us to find the perfect pallet at the best price.

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Robin Spencer Kiefer connects customers with solutions and products. Robin is the Digital Marketing Manager of One Way Solutions.

Best Plastic Pallets

Best Plastic Pallets

Best Plastic Pallets

What are the best plastic pallets? Some say inexpensive plastic pallets are the best. Some say a pallet’s dimensions, like its size and weight are the most important factors. Pallet capacity is also extremely important to consider.

But what about less obvious pallet specifications, like longevity and durability? Because pallet applications and handling technique vary infinitely by employee, warehouse, and industry, etc, its very difficult to calculate!

So What Makes The Best Pallet?

Ultimately, it’s all in the details.

The features and specifications that are most critical to your material handling success could be all of following factors!

Pick the pallet that satisfies as many of the following characteristics as possible, and you’ll be on your way to pallet nirvana.

Best Plastic Pallets Factors

Pallet Price

Price plays an important part in determining our list of best plastic pallets. The most perfectly designed, beautiful, lightweight pallet that can hold a Sherman Tank doesn’t do much good if it’s not competitively priced.

Alternatively, it wouldn’t make sense to sell our cheapest plastic pallet if it doesn’t match the customer’s application requirements.

But the price is important factor when selecting a plastic pallet – and our online pallet store makes it easy to filter pricing to find the right pallet at the right price.

Pallet Design

The design Very simply, we are looking for the most efficient use of resin material. The majority of a plastic pallets’ price is determined by its weight.

A pallet with a high capacity and low weight will have a good strength to weight ratio. The higher the ratio, the more efficient the design will be.

A good example of a plastic pallet with a high strength to weight ratio is the PP-O-40-NM7.

Pallet Material

Plastic pallets are typically manufactured with HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), or Fiberglass.

Each material has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of material type, material quality is important.

The majority of plastic pallets are made with recycled resin which can contain fillers and contaminants.

If you’re unsure about the quality of pallet material, request a report from the material batch test.

Pallet Durability / Impact Resistance

Plastic pallet durability is a function of material, weight, and design.

Pallets molded with HDPE will tend to have better impact resistance than PP.

PP is a stiffer material which has its own advantages when it comes to load capacity.

Though infrequently used due to its higher cost, fiberglass has the best impact resistance.

Pallet Capacity

Pallet weight capacity is the single most important factor to consider when deciding which plastic pallet is right for your company. An overloaded pallet is a deadly disaster waiting to happen and something we take very seriously.

At One Way Solutions, we are very conservative with our published capacity ratings. We never use point of failure as our maximum rating, but rather allow for a margin of safety to mitigate variations in materials, temperature, loading pattern, and handling techniques.

It’s very important to understand that all ratings in the plastic pallet industry assume the pallet is uniformly loaded over the entire pallet surface.

The majority of failures we’ve seen are due to point loading. Point loading is a non-uniform pallet load in which there is variations in the weight per unit of area on the pallet deck.

The best plastic pallets will have low weight to capacity ratio, which is related to design efficiency. A good example of a pallet with a high capacity relative to its weight is the PP-O-40-NL7.

Higher isn’t always better. Paying more money for high capacity pallets for a low capacity application usually doesn’t provide any advantage assuming the pallets are loaded and handled properly.

Pallet Weight

A low weight pallet is typically less expensive and cheaper to ship. However, often times, low weight pallets don’t have the durability or impact resistance that a bulkier pallet will have.

Export plastic pallets are typically light weight because they need to be cheap since they are usually considered a single use pallet. Alternatively, pallets used in a returnable system and need to last for years will have a higher weight.

Pallet Weight To Capacity Ratio

This is a good indicator of how efficient the pallet design is. The goal of any pallet design is to obtain application goals using the least amount of material. There are exceptions when there are added features that are necessary but don’t affect capacity.

For example, solid deck pallets are sometimes required for clean room environments, but the solid deck doesn’t increase the pallets capacity.

We hope that helps!

We hoped you enjoyed learning how plastic pallet shipping charges can be reduced.

We’d love to hear from you – please let us know what tricks have helped you save money in the comments below.

Need Help Selecting A Pallet?

Our Plastic Pallet Experts are happy to help you find the right plastic pallet and send you a quote that includes shipping costs. Please contact to find the perfect pallet at the best price.

About Robin Kiefer

Robin Spencer Kiefer connects customers with solutions and products. Robin is the Digital Marketing Manager of One Way Solutions.

Pallet Shipping Charges

Pallet Freight Charges

Pallet Shipping Charges – Oh No!

Let’s face it, pallet shipping charges are a significant expense that all buyers would prefer to reduce – or eliminate.

Rejoice! We’ve got helpful advice to help our customers reduce pallet shipping charges and stretch their operational budget dollars to their fullest.

Cutting Pallet Shipping Charges

To know how to get the best freight charge for your pallets, it is important to understand the factors and vairables that impact your total shipping charge calculations.

The main factors are:

  • Pallet Location
  • Pallet Specifications
  • Pallet Order Quantity
  • Shipping Service Level
  • Delivery Location
  • Truck Lane Opportunities

Read on to see how these shipping factors influence pallet freight costs.

Pallet Location

The shipping origin of your pallets is very important. The further away your pallets are located, the more you pay!

Pro Tip: We offer a location filter on our plastic pallets and containers that shows you where the pallets come from, allowing you to choose pallets close to your location – to reduce your shipping charges and save money!

Pallet Shipping Charge - Location Filter

Filter by the closest location to lower your pallet shipping charges.

Pallet Specifications

The smaller and lighter the pallet, the less shipping you pay. Furthermore, nestable pallets ship more compactly, allowing the shipper to pack more units into a stack.

Pro Tip: Reduce your shipping charges by Consider if Nestable Plastic Pallets will meet your needs; nestable pallet can reduce your freight charges!

Pallet Order Quantity

Generally speaking, the more pallets you order, the smaller your “per unit” shipping costs are going to be.

Here are some examples of how adjusting your plastic pallet order quantity can reduce your “per unit” shipping charges.

Pallet Shipping Charges - Increase Order Quantity

Find the sweet spot on your pallet quantity to optimize your “per unit” freight charges.

Pro Tip: Reduce your “per unit” shipping charges by increasing your quantity to find the sweet spot.

Extra Pro Tip: Reduce your pallet prices by order more pallets. For advice on how upping your order quantity can increase your plastic pallet freight savings and lower pallet prices – [go here ].

Shipping Service Level

In a hurry? It’ll cost you. Faster shipping services for your plastic pallets are more expensive.

Pro Tip: Monitor your inventory and place pallet orders before you run out. You’ll save at least 50% on shipping charges if you can afford to wait the standard 3-5 business day transit time (instead of using rush services).

Delivery Location

Your location, obviously, impacts pallet freight costs. If you’re far away from the plastic pallet shipping point, expect to pay more.

Residential Or Commercial?

Pallet freight charges are typically lower for delivering to commercial locations. Delivering Pallets to a residential area will add a $100 fee to freight charges.

Loading Dock

IF you don’t have a loading dock, you’ll need a liftgate service from the shipper (unless you can somehow unload it yourself. Liftgates add $50 to the shipping charges.

Pro Tip: Save the residential and liftgate delivery upcharge fees and ship the pallets to your buddy’s business. And buy your buddy a six pack of Beer to show your appreciation.

Pallet Shipping Charges - Six Pack O' Beer

Nothing says “thanks” like Beer!

Truck Shipping Lane Opportunities

Here’s a great way to save a ton of money when shipping quantities of plastic pallets that are less than a full truckload.

Shipping Lanes

Quick Vocabulary Word: Shipping Lane – a regularly used shipping route used for deliveries. 

When a pallet shipment approaches 8-10 stacks (see our product pages for the numbers of pallets per stack), that can cover as much one third of a truck’s cargo space (a 40′ truck has about 30 40″ x 48″ skid spots). This situation may cause you to pay for the entire truck! Boo!

But why?

This happens because the trucker may not have any other deliveries to make on that particular shipping lane – causing cargo space to go unfilled!

What does unfilled space equal? Inefficiency and higher costs. Money!

A genius move, used by our pallet experts, is to try dividing the shipment into 2 trucks, allowing the excess space in the 2 trucks to be filled with payload for other deliveries in that truck lane, reducing the overall freight costs by as much as 50% in some cases.

Pallet Shipping Charge Calculator

The One Way Solutions website is unique, unlike any other in the plastic pallet market.

One Way Solutions offers Pallet Shipping Charge rating and quoting, both in our online Shopping Cart and during online Checkout.

Our advanced pallet shipping calculator calls out to hundreds of shipping partners, in realtime, to find you the most competitive shipping rate!

This unique service makes the decision process, that was once far more complicated, as easy as pie.

We know you’ll love it – please let us know what you think!

Use Your Own Shipper!

Our website allows you to remove shipping charges from your pallet order and indicate your own shipper.

Pro Tip: If you have an account with a shipping company, you may get a discount that will reduce your shipping charges.

Here’s how to use your shipper account on our website:

  • Step 1. During checkout, indicate that you want Shipping Method “LTL Freight Collect $0.00”
  • Step 2. Add you shipper name.
  • Step 3. Add your shipper account number or ID
Pallet Shipping Charges - Ship Collect

Use your own shipper when buying plastic pallets!

We hope that helps!

We hoped you enjoyed learning how plastic pallet shipping charges can be reduced.

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PP-O-40-NM7 Nestable Plastic Pallet Review

Our New NM7 Plastic Pallet

Not All Pallets Are Created Equal!

We sell a lot of different pallets at One Way Solutions- almost 250 different models.

Any when you consider plastic pallet size options, load capacities, industry-specific features, and specific applications, it’s only fitting that we carry an option to suit all circumstances…

because we are pallet experts!

Despite all the variations across our pallet catalog, there is one key specification that allows us easily compare pallet prices versus performance: strength vs weight.

Pallet Strength To Weight Ratio

More material means more weight; as you add more material to a pallet, the cost increases. The best pallet will offer the greatest performance at a minimum weight.

Our latest pallet optimizes this key metric to offer exceptional value to warehouses needing a light/medium duty nestable pallet. Its technical design advancements delivery the brute strength required to satisfy many desired uses.

The NM7 is specifically designed to minimize pallet tare weight without sacrificing strength and durability. This beast of a pallet has a 2,700 lb dynamic capacity. This being said, the NM7 is a heavy weight type of pallet with light weight pricing.

Introducing #PP-O-40-NM7

40 x 48 Light/Medium Duty Nestable Plastic Pallet

The design of this pallet makes it a champion performer, minimizing expenses through two main design efficiency goals:

  • Structural Economy
  • Efficient Production

Structural Economy

The NM7’s design is a complete study in structural economy that optimizes the placement of plastic material, eliminating unnecessary plastic waste through superior design by channeling all plastic materials into the supportive structures of the plastic pallet.

Lean and mean, the NM7 achieves more capacity with less weight, achieving a higher capacity with minimal material cost.

Production Features

Efficient Production

Injection molding machines used to produce plastic pallets are huge machines that require consume massive amounts of power. Less material lowers the NM7s cycle time, driving down the price of the plastic pallet by maximizing the rate of production, lowering part cycle times, and reducing energy costs.

High Pressure Molding

This pallet is truly a work of art- high pressure molding gives it life.

Design Sophistication

The NM7’s high-pressure injection molds allow a complex geometry and with detailed features.

Precise Strength Regulation

Our specialized high-pressure molds allow targeted strength variation. The NM7 has targeted reinforcement in different areas with more or less plastic to help the overall strength of the pallet.

Automated Production Benefits

A majority of this process is run by machines which one individual can observe and control. This mechanical automation reduces manufacturing costs.

With these lowered costs, savings are passed down to the customer for a lower rate while offering superior quality.

Recycled Mold Scraps

Mold Scraps, produced during pallet manufacturing, are reused e reused for the next pallet molding. This process creates minimal waste without impacting the quality of this excellent product.

Maximized Pallet Uniformity & Accuracy

Some pallets have longer production cycle times in production. To boost output, pallet manufactures may try to remove a pallet from the press before it has sufficiently cooled. Removing hot plastic pallets from their mold prematurely causes shrinkage and warping.

When excess material is removed from a pallet design and minimized, faster cooling times result. Simple put, the less plastic used in pallet, the faster it cools!

Unlike other pallets that have longer cycles times, NM7 pallets cool quickly before being removed from the mold, resulting pallets that are:

  • True 40″ x 48″pallets
  • Remarkably flat

Made In The USA – Shipped From An Ideal Shipping Origin

The NM7 pallet is manufactured and shipped from Michigan. It’s centralized US location is an ideal distribution point to minimize shipping expenses to all areas of United States.

NM7 Pallet Design Benefits

Optimized Pallet Legs

If you take a look at the design you will notice a precise cutouts located in each of the nine pallet legs. These voids reduce pallet weight and cost to our customers. Costs are further reduced when shipping the pallets to our customers, allowing us deliver more pallet performance at lowering shipping rates!

Tapered Pallet Edges

The NM7’s tapered edges assist the fork-tine entry along with splitting a nesting rack, allowing pallet handlers to quickly easily move pallets to their designed location without sweating the details.

Reinforced Pallet Perimeter

The perimeter of the NM7 is reinforced with extra ribs to increasing impact-resistance for a safer, more durable product.

4 Way Entry

The NM7 design enables it to have a 4-way entry compatible with nearly all forklifts and hand trucks.

Open Deck Pallet Design

The NM7’s open deck allows for easy handling, easy cleaning, and further reduces material costs and unnecessary tare weight.

Superior Nesting Ratio

A superior nesting ratio allows for 2100 pallets to fit in a 53′ truck, significantly reducing the per pallet shipping costs.

Material Choice – Recycled High Density Polyethylene

The NM7 pallet is made from Recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This material has many vital features that makes the NM7 such an efficient pallet of choice. This material is lightweight, yet strong and resilient.

This strength is crucial to the lifespan of heavy shipping goods along with the pallet itself. HDPE has impact resistant properties that makes using this pallet the right choice if safety is in mind.

Some other key characteristics this material consists of is a long lasting product life, while being weather and mold resistant. HDPE frequently replaces heavier materials, partially in light of the fact that our society and many organizations are seeking after sustainable alternatives, for example, decreasing the amount of material utilized in shipping and products. This material being “lightweight while strong” can convert into less impact on the earth and cost.

The higher the density of the polyethylene material utilized the stronger, more rigid and more heat resistant the plastic is. The higher density models indicate better properties in strength, chemical and heat resistance, surface hardness and abrasion resistance.

Ventilated Deck * Chemical Resistant:

Traditional pallets may not be reasonable for specific material handling with operations involving the transportation or storage of specific types of chemicals. The NM7 pallet is a uniquely composed plastic makeup that is impervious to chemicals and toxic materials. Having a plastic ventilated pallet improves moisture resistance, safe handling, and airflow. Plastic does not absorb moisture so it will keep products safe and protected from intruding organisms. With the ventilation an individual is able to move and use this pallet with a high level of safety.

Meets GMA Industry Standards

Ideal Pallet Uses

Ideal uses for the NM7 include:

  • One way exports
  • Light-medium duty reusable applications
  • WIP
  • Inventory Storage
  • Point Of Purchase Display, and distribution applications.

How Do You Like It?

Please let us know what you think about our NM7 plastic pallet- we value your option and pallet expertise!

Please leave your comments below and contact us for assistance on finding the perfect plastic pallet for the right price.

About Robin Kiefer

Robin Spencer Kiefer connects customers with solutions and products. Robin is the Digital Marketing Manager of One Way Solutions.

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About Robin Kiefer

Robin Spencer Kiefer connects customers with solutions and products. Robin is the Digital Marketing Manager of One Way Solutions.