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Pallet Order Tracking

One Way Solutions strives to provide the best service in the business – and we’re always improving. Whether we’re connecting our customers with plastic pallet experts, over the phone and online, or answering your questions as quickly as we possibly can, our mighty team continues to find ways to go above and beyond.

That’s why we are extremely excited to share a pretty cool new service feature for our customers. Want to know what it is? We’re Pallet Order Tracking!

Pallet Order Tracking

Proactive, proprietary tracking updates are only offered at One Way Solutions. Need to know when your pallet delivery will be arriving? Our proactive tracking and delivery forecasting will provide you helpful tracking updates on your pallet order before it even leaves our docks!

Check this out – here is an example of a order tracking email that our pallet customers receive before we’re even done packing your order!

Pallet Order Tracking Email

Pallet Order Tracking Email

Why Is Pallet Order Tracking A Big Deal?

Most of our customers already know, but One Way Solutions already combines the most competitive plastic pallet prices with the most reasonable freight fees.

In order to find you the best possible rate for your shipping, One Way runs your order past more than 30 different truck lines from more 14 separate freight docks across the USA – our shippers bid for your pallet order and the most reasonable price with reliable service wins!

Although this may help save money, it presents a huge challenge for providing updated shipping status due to to all the moving parts.

Managing hundreds of orders and pallet skus, 14 shipping locations, and 30 shippers could be a huge challenge; but our automated shipping tracks makes short work of this crucial and timely information; all in real time.

But that doesn’t stop us from providing superior customer service. We’ve worked tirelessly to come up with a way to share the latest order status to our customers, providing shipping dates and order tracking in real time!

See how cool this really is?

Our pallet customers receive timely notifications at the most important points in the process:

* When we’ve booked a pickup for your order – and –

* when your order leaves our docks – just your pallet order ships:

Pallet Order Shipment Tracking Email

Pallet Order Shipment Tracking Email

Trying to hunt down your pallet order is now a thing of the past. One Way’s new pallet order tracking is here to provide you information you need to successfully run your warehouse.

Please contact us if you have any questions on the topic. Otherwise, look forward to receiving your first series of shipment notifications on your next pallet order!

Start shopping pallets right here.

Pallet Order Tracking And Pallet Delivery Forecasting Included With Every Order

Pallet Order Tracking And Pallet Delivery Forecasting Included With Every Order

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Robin Spencer Kiefer connects customers with solutions and products. Robin is the Digital Marketing Manager of One Way Solutions.

Custom Plastic Pallets


Custom Plastic Pallets for Critical Applications

Being in business means doing things YOUR way. 

You call the shots. You own your processes, operations, and equipment.

By now, you’ve likely “cracked the code” one might say; because you’ve figured out how to do things better, smarter, and faster.

And when it comes to running a warehouse, getting products and materials to the right place & out the door is the name of your game!  After all, maximum material handling efficiency is an ongoing goal.

In order optimize and increase the speed to get your product to the right place, maybe onto a  truck and out for delivery, you may develop mission critical needs that don’t work “with off the rack” traditional pallets designed to suit general applications – you need a custom plastic pallet.

And the plastic pallet experts at One Way Solutions are here to help.

Why Partner With One Way for Your Custom Plastic Pallet?

The answer is simple; it’s a no-brainer.

One Way offers *free* pallet design services. We’ll sketch up the perfect pallet for your operations and you’re under no obligation to order.

Custom Plastic Pallet Drawing

We’ll provide a drawing like this one, that details the pallet structure with dimensions and weights.

Custom Plastic Pallet Drawing

Custom Plastic Pallet Drawing

You’ll be able to envision exactly how this custom plastic pallet will suit your critical applications.

Based on your feedback, we’ll tweak the specifications to make it fit just right, and send you a revised drawing.

Custom Plastic Pallets That Don’t Break The Bank

Here’s another cool think about working with us on your custom plastic pallet.

We don’t require any mold or tooling investment. That’s money back in your pocket!

Whoa! Since no custom injection mold is required, our custom pallets are available in a comparatively short and industry-shattering 10 day lead time.

We’ll provide you a personalized quote for your custom plastic pallet at no charge.

Our goal is make the entire process quick, painless, and pleasant for everyone – because we are plastic pallet experts that are willing to go to the mat for our customers so you’ll honor us with your business on future pallet supply projects.

What Does a Custom Plastic Pallet Look Like?

Let’s paint a picture of your perfect pallet, constructed from carefully chosen components that match your critical application.

custom plastic pallet

Imagine piecing together a plastic block style pallet with your unique components using a custom made combination of the following component options:

  • Pallet stringer boards, up to 1″ x 4″ inches and 96″ inches in length
  • Pallet bottom boards, up to 1″ x 4″ inches and 96″ inches in length
  • Pallet Decks use 1/2″ sheeting (in practice them may be closer to 5/8″) and can be as large as 48″ x 56″ for a single piece smooth deck – 44″ x 56″ for ribbed decks.

Pallet Decks – Smooth or Ribbed

Smooth Decks – 48″ x 56″ Max

  • Smooth top decks are standard

The underside of the smooth pallet deck and pallet runners has a hidden waffle/grid bottom to provide additional stability and facilitate more efficient molding.

Waffle grid on underside of smooth pallet deck and pallet runners

Ribbed Decks – 44″ x 56″ Max

Ribbed Decks can also be provided on request, but please note the “low” part of the ribs are around 3/8” thick.  There’s also a pattern on the non-ribbed side, different than the waffle grid on the smooth decks, but it does have structural support. Ribbed deck has a max size of 44″ x 56″.

Here are examples of our stock plastic block pallets to demonstrate how pallet components can be configured for your unique needs:

Can I place a sample custom pallet order for testing?

Yes, absolutely! We accept smaller quantity custom pallet orders without a setup fee – so you only pay for pallets and shipping.

Let me know how we can help!

Interested In Custom Plastic Pallets?

Are you facing a continuous challenge in your warehouse?

Can a custom pallet could work for you? We make it easy to find out.

We’re here to help meet unique challenges in your warehouse so you can handle your operations more efficiently.

Our Plastic Pallet Experts are happy to help you create the right plastic Custom Plastic Pallet and send you a quote.

Please contact us for a free quote and drawing for your perfect custom plastic pallet.

Share your Comments!

We’d love to hear from you – please let us know how custom built pallets have helped you overcome operational challenges in your warehouse.

About Robin Kiefer

Robin Spencer Kiefer connects customers with solutions and products. Robin is the Digital Marketing Manager of One Way Solutions.

2020 is knocking – Any room left in your Plastic Pallet Budget?

Plastic Pallet Budget

Buying Pallets With Surplus Year End Budget

The End Is Near – Are You Prepared?

*With 2019 quickly coming to a close, it’s important for all businesses to make sure they have taken advantage of their allotted spending for the year. That especially holds true for the plastic pallet industry.

*Using all of your plastic pallet budget by the end of the year enables optimal spending, while also allowing your business to prosper.

*At One Way we have pallet experts ready to assist you in making the most out of your plastic pallet budget by year’s end.

Why is this important? Because!

* Here at One Way Solutions, we offer top of the line pallets for all industries and purposes. Making the most of your plastic pallet budget with our products allows you to save money and stay stress free of shipping hassles. All of our products are fully export compliant and not subject to the ISPM-15 regulations, alleviating you of the anxiety of dealing with delays and other burdens.

*Utilizing your entire plastic pallet budget with One Way before the new year also leads to reducing your taxable income!

We Optimize Plastic Pallet Budgets

* One Way Solutions offers the best prices with reliable service. Your plastic pallet budget will be used efficiently especially around this time of the ending fiscal year. Make sure to take advantage of these prices as you can stock up on plastic pallets before the end of the year!

*We can also help you find the best shipping rates with our real time freight rating and optimizers. We will always find the best shipping rates because we have an extraordinary and caring team. Our sales team loves to help customers out specifically when it comes to saving client’s hard earned cash!

*Lastly, make sure to take advantage of our service to maximize your plastic pallet budget!

Top 4 Best Selling Pallets: For a Reason!


This nestable light duty pallet is a fan favorite. We like to call it the muscle-car of all rackable pallets out there. It includes three permanent runners, which increases the strength. It can hold a dynamic capacity of 2,800 lbs. This pallet has great strength at the price of a light duty model.


40 x 48 Light/Medium Duty Nestable Plastic Pallet

PP-O-40-NM7 40 x 48 Light/Medium Duty Nestable Plastic Pallet

The NM7 is a plastic pallet gaining ground in popularity. This is due to the large dynamic capacity of 2,700 lbs. Along with the light duty pricing, similar to the NL7. The NM7 was engineered to endure heavy capacity while cutting down on weight of the pallet itself. Weighing in at 17 lbs. (super light) this pallet can do what many pallets this weight cannot achieve.


The SL7 is commonly used for exports and storage while having seemingly endless additional uses. This pallet is very similar to the NL7 yet there is a key difference as his one os stackable. IT still has the same muscle-car pallet feel in regards to pricing and weight capacity capability.


40 x 48 Stackable Light Medium Duty Plastic Pallet - 3 Runner

PP-O-40-SM7 40 x 48 Stackable Light Medium Duty Plastic Pallet – 3 Runner

Much like the NM7, yet this one has three permanently attached runners to increase the strength and the stackable surface area. These will ship unassembled but assembly is extremely easy.

Let me know how I can help!

* What’s the greatest challenge you face in your warehouse?

* We’re here to help meet unique challenges in your warehouse!

We’d love to hear from you – please let us know what other tricks you’ve used to save on freight – and check our our article on other ways to save money on pallet shipping charges.

Need Help Selecting A Pallet?

Our Plastic Pallet Experts are happy to help you find the right plastic Plastic Pallet and send you a quote that includes shipping costs.

Please contact us to find the perfect pallet at the best price.

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Robin Spencer Kiefer connects customers with solutions and products. Robin is the Digital Marketing Manager of One Way Solutions.

Shipping Pallets By Rail – Intermodal Shipping

Pallets By Rail - Save Money on Pallet Freight!


Shipping Pallets By Rail

What is Rail Freight?

Rail freight is a shipping method using rail freight cars to transport raw materials and finished goods over land.

A single shipment could be an entire freight car – or an entire train itself – whatever the shipper needs.

Trains carry goods on rail cars as far as train tracks can take them, dropping off rail cars at the railway yard closest to the consignees delivery location. At this point, trucks are used to  However, trucks are used to transport freight from the yard to the final destination.

The systematic combination of different shipping methods used between pickup and delivery point is known as Intermodal Freight.

What is Intermodal Freight

Intermodal freight is any combination of transportation modes; specifically truck, train, ship, and plane. Intermodal allows shipments to maximize the benefits of each mode to ensure the most economical and timely outcome. Intermodal also can take a single origin shipment and deliver it to multiple destinations. Limitations of intermodal include several handling events which can result in breakage along with specific organization requirements of each mode.

What is Rail Car is best for Pallet Freight?

Freight can be carried by different types of rail cars, such as:

  • triple decker car carriers
  • tank cars
  • ore cars
  • gondolas
  • intermodal cars

Intermodal Cars are the perfect choice for shipping pallets by rail. Here’s one now!

intermodal freight cars are perfect for shipping pallets by rail
A double stacked intermodal freight car
ow many plastic can be transported in a 53′ intermodal car? Thousands of units – and tons!

Why are Intermodal Cars perfect for shipping Plastic Pallets by Rail?

Intermodal cars are long, strong, and down to get the friction on! 

– Sir Ships-A-Lot

Intermodal cars are:

  • Long – Approximately 70 feet long, allowing them to easily transport 53′ containers full of plastic pallets. 
  • Strong – they can carry gross weights of 220,000 lbs – that’s more pallet weight than we could hope to pack into a container. 

Blocking and Bracing

When loading a full truckload / rail car shipment, it is mandatory that you judge freight stability and take any measures required to prevent unwanted movement during transportation.

The process of shoring up loose pallet loads and empty space is called blocking and bracing.

During the blocking and bracing process, warehouse staff should cautiously load the container, position the pallets, and reinforcing the all packed goods to prevent any shifting, tipping, collapse, and falling does not accidentally occur during transport and delivery.

We Hope That Helps!

We hoped you enjoyed learning about the basics of shipping plastic pallets by rail – a great way to optimize the pallet’s journey from our dock to your dock – saving money by reducing freight to the most efficient method during each segment of transport.

We’d love to hear from you – please let us know what other tricks you’ve used to save on freight – and check our our article on other ways to save money on pallet shipping charges. 

Need Help Selecting A Pallet?

Our Plastic Pallet Experts are happy to help you find the right plastic Plastic Pallet and send you a quote that includes shipping costs.

Please contact us to find the perfect pallet at the best price.

About Robin Kiefer

Robin Spencer Kiefer connects customers with solutions and products. Robin is the Digital Marketing Manager of One Way Solutions.

Free Pallet Samples

Getting The Wrong Pallets: A Costly Mistake

Minimum order quantities can make testing plastic pallets more expensive due to:

  • Minimum order quantities
  • Cost of shipping
  • Downtime due to testing / loss of productivity
  • Possible inventory damage
  • More lost productivity if pallets don’t pass test / more pallets need to be tested

When shopping for the perfect plastic pallet you should have some confidence that success during the sampling process is likely! In order to have more confidence, assistance from one of our pallet expert should help with:

  • Reducing the time it takes to find the perfect/proper pallet
  • Reducing wasted freight costs & acquisition costs for testing pallets that don’t meet the needs of the customer.

Plastic Pallets for Free?!

Here at One Way Solutions, we have over 50 years of expertise in making sure that we connect our customers with the perfect plastic pallet for their needs. In doing this we have created an opportunity to allow our customers free pallet samples. We value our customers opinions and decisions when choosing our products. That being said, we have made it possible for our customers to sample any plastic pallet they may be interested in. Allowing free samples to our customers allows them the chance to see what our products are all about and gives them the ability to be matched with the perfect plastic pallet.

Start With A Sample Before You Buy

At One Way Solutions we allow our customers to sample our plastic pallets before committing to a purchase. We value our customers needs and satisfaction. In order for us to obtain 100% customer satisfaction we urge our customers to try a sample before making a purchase. Testing out our plastic pallets before purchasing is very important in making sure they serve their purpose to their fullest and best ability. When ordering a sample pallet some of the qualities to observe/test before purchase are:

  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Stackability/Netsability/Rackability
  • Deck type
  • Runners: yes or no?
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to clean

Free Samples 101

At One Way Solutions we value the choices our customers make when searching for the perfect plastic pallets.

We offer free plastic pallet samples as long as:

  • The total cost of the samples is less than $50
  • The quantity of units ordered is no greater than 2
  • The customer pays for shipping (or uses their own carrier)

Share your Comments!

Are you interested in sampling one of our plastic pallets? Lets us know! We’d love to hear from you – please share thoughts in the comments below.

Need Help Selecting A Pallet?

Our Plastic Pallet Experts are happy to help you find the right plastic pallet and send you a quote that includes shipping costs. Please contact us to find the perfect pallet at the best price.

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Robin Spencer Kiefer connects customers with solutions and products. Robin is the Digital Marketing Manager of One Way Solutions.

Best Plastic Pallets

Best Plastic Pallets

Best Plastic Pallets

What are the best plastic pallets? Some say inexpensive plastic pallets are the best. Some say a pallet’s dimensions, like its size and weight are the most important factors. Pallet capacity is also extremely important to consider.

But what about less obvious pallet specifications, like longevity and durability? Because pallet applications and handling technique vary infinitely by employee, warehouse, and industry, etc, its very difficult to calculate!

So What Makes The Best Pallet?

Ultimately, it’s all in the details.

The features and specifications that are most critical to your material handling success could be all of following factors!

Pick the pallet that satisfies as many of the following characteristics as possible, and you’ll be on your way to pallet nirvana.

Best Plastic Pallets Factors

Pallet Price

Price plays an important part in determining our list of best plastic pallets. The most perfectly designed, beautiful, lightweight pallet that can hold a Sherman Tank doesn’t do much good if it’s not competitively priced.

Alternatively, it wouldn’t make sense to sell our cheapest plastic pallet if it doesn’t match the customer’s application requirements.

But the price is important factor when selecting a plastic pallet – and our online pallet store makes it easy to filter pricing to find the right pallet at the right price.

Pallet Design

The design Very simply, we are looking for the most efficient use of resin material. The majority of a plastic pallets’ price is determined by its weight.

A pallet with a high capacity and low weight will have a good strength to weight ratio. The higher the ratio, the more efficient the design will be.

A good example of a plastic pallet with a high strength to weight ratio is the PP-O-40-NM7.

Pallet Material

Plastic pallets are typically manufactured with HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), or Fiberglass.

Each material has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of material type, material quality is important.

The majority of plastic pallets are made with recycled resin which can contain fillers and contaminants.

If you’re unsure about the quality of pallet material, request a report from the material batch test.

Pallet Durability / Impact Resistance

Plastic pallet durability is a function of material, weight, and design.

Pallets molded with HDPE will tend to have better impact resistance than PP.

PP is a stiffer material which has its own advantages when it comes to load capacity.

Though infrequently used due to its higher cost, fiberglass has the best impact resistance.

Pallet Capacity

Pallet weight capacity is the single most important factor to consider when deciding which plastic pallet is right for your company. An overloaded pallet is a deadly disaster waiting to happen and something we take very seriously.

At One Way Solutions, we are very conservative with our published capacity ratings. We never use point of failure as our maximum rating, but rather allow for a margin of safety to mitigate variations in materials, temperature, loading pattern, and handling techniques.

It’s very important to understand that all ratings in the plastic pallet industry assume the pallet is uniformly loaded over the entire pallet surface.

The majority of failures we’ve seen are due to point loading. Point loading is a non-uniform pallet load in which there is variations in the weight per unit of area on the pallet deck.

The best plastic pallets will have low weight to capacity ratio, which is related to design efficiency. A good example of a pallet with a high capacity relative to its weight is the PP-O-40-NL7.

Higher isn’t always better. Paying more money for high capacity pallets for a low capacity application usually doesn’t provide any advantage assuming the pallets are loaded and handled properly.

Pallet Weight

A low weight pallet is typically less expensive and cheaper to ship. However, often times, low weight pallets don’t have the durability or impact resistance that a bulkier pallet will have.

Export plastic pallets are typically light weight because they need to be cheap since they are usually considered a single use pallet. Alternatively, pallets used in a returnable system and need to last for years will have a higher weight.

Pallet Weight To Capacity Ratio

This is a good indicator of how efficient the pallet design is. The goal of any pallet design is to obtain application goals using the least amount of material. There are exceptions when there are added features that are necessary but don’t affect capacity.

For example, solid deck pallets are sometimes required for clean room environments, but the solid deck doesn’t increase the pallets capacity.

We hope that helps!

We hoped you enjoyed learning how plastic pallet shipping charges can be reduced.

We’d love to hear from you – please let us know what tricks have helped you save money in the comments below.

Need Help Selecting A Pallet?

Our Plastic Pallet Experts are happy to help you find the right plastic pallet and send you a quote that includes shipping costs. Please contact to find the perfect pallet at the best price.

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Robin Spencer Kiefer connects customers with solutions and products. Robin is the Digital Marketing Manager of One Way Solutions.

Pallet Shipping Charges

Pallet Freight Charges

Pallet Shipping Charges – Oh No!

Let’s face it, pallet shipping charges are a significant expense that all buyers would prefer to reduce – or eliminate.

Rejoice! We’ve got helpful advice to help our customers reduce pallet shipping charges and stretch their operational budget dollars to their fullest.

Cutting Pallet Shipping Charges

To know how to get the best freight charge for your pallets, it is important to understand the factors and vairables that impact your total shipping charge calculations.

The main factors are:

  • Pallet Location
  • Pallet Specifications
  • Pallet Order Quantity
  • Shipping Service Level
  • Delivery Location
  • Truck Lane Opportunities

Read on to see how these shipping factors influence pallet freight costs.

Pallet Location

The shipping origin of your pallets is very important. The further away your pallets are located, the more you pay!

Pro Tip: We offer a location filter on our plastic pallets and containers that shows you where the pallets come from, allowing you to choose pallets close to your location – to reduce your shipping charges and save money!

Pallet Shipping Charge - Location Filter

Filter by the closest location to lower your pallet shipping charges.

Pallet Specifications

The smaller and lighter the pallet, the less shipping you pay. Furthermore, nestable pallets ship more compactly, allowing the shipper to pack more units into a stack.

Pro Tip: Reduce your shipping charges by Consider if Nestable Plastic Pallets will meet your needs; nestable pallet can reduce your freight charges!

Pallet Order Quantity

Generally speaking, the more pallets you order, the smaller your “per unit” shipping costs are going to be.

Here are some examples of how adjusting your plastic pallet order quantity can reduce your “per unit” shipping charges.

Pallet Shipping Charges - Increase Order Quantity

Find the sweet spot on your pallet quantity to optimize your “per unit” freight charges.

Pro Tip: Reduce your “per unit” shipping charges by increasing your quantity to find the sweet spot.

Extra Pro Tip: Reduce your pallet prices by order more pallets. For advice on how upping your order quantity can increase your plastic pallet freight savings and lower pallet prices – [go here ].

Shipping Service Level

In a hurry? It’ll cost you. Faster shipping services for your plastic pallets are more expensive.

Pro Tip: Monitor your inventory and place pallet orders before you run out. You’ll save at least 50% on shipping charges if you can afford to wait the standard 3-5 business day transit time (instead of using rush services).

Delivery Location

Your location, obviously, impacts pallet freight costs. If you’re far away from the plastic pallet shipping point, expect to pay more.

Residential Or Commercial?

Pallet freight charges are typically lower for delivering to commercial locations. Delivering Pallets to a residential area will add a $100 fee to freight charges.

Loading Dock

IF you don’t have a loading dock, you’ll need a liftgate service from the shipper (unless you can somehow unload it yourself. Liftgates add $50 to the shipping charges.

Pro Tip: Save the residential and liftgate delivery upcharge fees and ship the pallets to your buddy’s business. And buy your buddy a six pack of Beer to show your appreciation.

Pallet Shipping Charges - Six Pack O' Beer

Nothing says “thanks” like Beer!

Truck Shipping Lane Opportunities

Here’s a great way to save a ton of money when shipping quantities of plastic pallets that are less than a full truckload.

Shipping Lanes

Quick Vocabulary Word: Shipping Lane – a regularly used shipping route used for deliveries. 

When a pallet shipment approaches 8-10 stacks (see our product pages for the numbers of pallets per stack), that can cover as much one third of a truck’s cargo space (a 40′ truck has about 30 40″ x 48″ skid spots). This situation may cause you to pay for the entire truck! Boo!

But why?

This happens because the trucker may not have any other deliveries to make on that particular shipping lane – causing cargo space to go unfilled!

What does unfilled space equal? Inefficiency and higher costs. Money!

A genius move, used by our pallet experts, is to try dividing the shipment into 2 trucks, allowing the excess space in the 2 trucks to be filled with payload for other deliveries in that truck lane, reducing the overall freight costs by as much as 50% in some cases.

Pallet Shipping Charge Calculator

The One Way Solutions website is unique, unlike any other in the plastic pallet market.

One Way Solutions offers Pallet Shipping Charge rating and quoting, both in our online Shopping Cart and during online Checkout.

Our advanced pallet shipping calculator calls out to hundreds of shipping partners, in realtime, to find you the most competitive shipping rate!

This unique service makes the decision process, that was once far more complicated, as easy as pie.

We know you’ll love it – please let us know what you think!

Use Your Own Shipper!

Our website allows you to remove shipping charges from your pallet order and indicate your own shipper.

Pro Tip: If you have an account with a shipping company, you may get a discount that will reduce your shipping charges.

Here’s how to use your shipper account on our website:

  • Step 1. During checkout, indicate that you want Shipping Method “LTL Freight Collect $0.00”
  • Step 2. Add you shipper name.
  • Step 3. Add your shipper account number or ID

Pallet Shipping Charges - Ship Collect

Use your own shipper when buying plastic pallets!

We hope that helps!

We hoped you enjoyed learning how plastic pallet shipping charges can be reduced.

We’d love to hear from you – please let us know what tricks have helped you save money in the comments below.

Need Help Selecting A Pallet?

Our Plastic Pallet Experts are happy to help you find the right plastic pallet and send you a quote that includes shipping costs. Please contact to find the perfect pallet at the best price.

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Robin Spencer Kiefer connects customers with solutions and products. Robin is the Digital Marketing Manager of One Way Solutions.

Safe Pallet Stacking – Pallet Load Calculator

Safe Stacking: Pallet Load Calculator

We’ve got great pallet handling questions coming in through our articles – keep them coming please!

These inquiries are always interesting because they transcend the more general guidelines set forth by various regulatory agencies.

Calculating Loads for Safe Pallet Stacking

The latest question was regarding safe pallet stacking; specifically, how to safely calculate maximum pallet loads when stacking pallets.


Q: Hi Robin. We place four 55 gallon drums of juice onto a pallet. Each drum is about 450 pounds. We want to stack these pallets of juice on top of each other in our freezer. How high can we stack these? Since it is sitting on a cement floor I assume this would be figured out as a static load. We have 40 by 48 wooden pallets. Since our finished pallets are not subjected to other forces (Dynamic, conveyors, racking) the static load can exceed the dynamic rating of the pallet. Is this an accurate statement?

My Initial Reaction

Whoa, 1,800 pounds of juice on each pallet is serious business. I can see why this is important; overloaded pallets are dangerous. Plus, upsetting 220 gallons of juice would result in a costly, time-consuming mess.


This is not an accurate statement, necessarily. At some point, you will be moving the juice onto the pallet and stacking the pallets, exceeding the dynamic load during the process could be disastrous and should be avoided.

For safety’s safe, please make sure the following guidelines are followed:

  • The load per pallet load cannot exceed: the pallet’s dynamic load capacity.
  • The total load of the stacked pallets cannot exceed: the pallet’s static load capacity.

The safe number of laden pallets per stack will depend on your pallet’s load capacities. Please use this formula to calculate the safe number of pallets per stack:

RoundDown (Static Load Per Pallet Total Laden Weight Per Pallet)

Example: Static Load Per Pallet is 10000 lbs, Dynamic Load Per Pallet 2200 lbs, Total Laden Weight Per Pallet is 2100 lbs

Round Down 10000/2100 = Round Down 4.76 = 4 Pallets!

As long as the total weight of the stacks doesn’t exceed the bottom pallet’s Static Load Capacity, you should be fine.

But once you have completed your stack, do not move any multiple pallet stacks unless the bottom pallet load is safely under the Dynamic Load capacity.

Thanks for the question and let us know if you need help finding the most competitive price for your plastic pallets and container bins. We’ll be happy to help you with any performance calculations you may have!

About Robin Kiefer

Robin Spencer Kiefer connects customers with solutions and products. Robin is the Digital Marketing Manager of One Way Solutions.

Nestable Pallet Height Calculations

Calculating Nestable Pallet Stack Height

Pallet Stack Height Calculations

Our Customers Continue To Inspire Us

Just when we think that we’ve reached new heights of pallet wisdom, one of our prized customers steps in and pulls us back to earth.

Sure, we routinely optimize pallet shipments to find our pallet buyers the most competitive shipping rates- so why not share that wisdom on our blog?

Here’s a Note we received from our Customer

I am interested in your 24 x 32 Nestable Plastic Semi Pallet Item ; # PP-O-24-NL. I would like to stack several together to achieve a particular height. Your website indicates that one pallet is 5.1″ tall. Can you tell me the height of just the pallet’s deck so I can calculate how many pallets I would need to stack together to achieve a particular height?

Calculating Nestable Pallet Height

One of the most basic, yet elusive calculations we perform is the stack height of plastic pallets. We want to fit as many as possible into the truck that delivers your pallets, to reduce your freight cost per unit.

Here Is How To Calculate Pallet Stack Height

Nestable Pallets

Nesting Height Calculation Explained

To calculate the stack height of nestable pallets, you simply need to add the full height of one pallet, plus product of the additional number of units and the pallet’s nesting height.


Total Pallet Units (Quantity): 10
Pallet Full Height Per Unit (Full Height): 5.1″
Pallet Nesting Height (Nesting Height): 1.60″

(1 x Full Height) + ((Quantity-1) x (Nesting Height))

(1 x 5.1) + ((10-1) x (1.6))
= (5.1) + (9 x 1.6)
= 5.1 + 14.4
= 19.5 Inches

nestable-pallet-pp-o-24-nl nestable-pallet-closeup-pp-o-24-nl

Use Our Handy Nesting Height Calculator

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Why Buy Plastic Pallets from One Way Solutions

Should I Be Buying Direct from a Pallet Manufacturer?

Or Should I Be Buying Direct from a Pallet Distributor?

A Pallet Manufacturer makes the pallet.

A Pallet Distributor buys the pallet from the manufacturer and resells it.

Buying from a pallet manufacturer (buying direct) could allow you to bypass purchasing from a distributor’s website or retail store.

But is it a good idea to buy from a Pallet Manufacturer?

Perhaps your motivation is the belief that eliminating the pallet distributor will allow you to get better pricing? After all, it’s one less layer and you’re that much closer to actual product.

In reality, buying from a distributor offers numerous advantages that manufacturers are unable to offer.

Fiction: It’s better to buy from a pallet manufacturer because you’ll get a better price.

Fact: Buying pallets from a distributor is a much better way to go.

One Way Solutions, Proudly Distributing Pallets

We often take calls from people asking if manufacture our plastic pallets or just distribute them. When we respond that we’re a distributor; we’re asked to provide the manufacturer’s phone number.

We are happy to provide this information; we are confident they will be calling us back!

Is it because we offer lower pallet pricing – or is there another reason?

Why should you buy pallets from a distributor?

A plastic pallet distributor like One Way Solutions has the selection of a retailer, the product quality of a manufacturer, and unmatched personal customer service.

Expertise & Experience

We also have the pallet experience many other distributors and manufacturers lack.

One Way Solutions has been in business since 1987; and unlike more general packaging supply companies, we have been focused on just one product: plastic pallets.

plastic pallet experts

Plastic Pallet Experts

Wider Selection Of Pallets

As a plastic pallet distributor, we’re able to extend a huge offering of various different types of pallets, with different plastic resins for all different industries.

This is usually not true for pallet manufacturers.

Pallet manufacturers offer a single line of branded pallets, limiting their offering of pallet models and the ability to provide the pallet best fit to your application. Some manufacturers only produce 1 pallet model!

Think of it like an entire aisle of snack chips! Would you prefer to shop from just one brand, or have multiple brands to choose from? Buying from a pallet distributor gives you the best options to be successful!

Manufacturers don’t have that same ability because they don’t offer the same variety, only their own branded pallets. This can lead to a lot of problems for customers, especially if that manufacturer is sold out of their product and cannot substitute the pallet, causing interruptions in material handling operations.

Manufacturers may appear to offer lower prices due to higher volumes on a smaller number of products; however, One Way Solutions has other economies of scale that allows us to offer extremely competitive pallet prices, because we don’t have the added overhead of a  manufacturing facility to support.

Offering a variety of pallets that ship from multiple factories allows us provide comparable products when manufacturing delays occur (pallet talk mold breakdowns, pallet backorders) that may lead to longer product lead times.

When a pallet supply delay occurs, we often have dozens of options for pallet substitutions that we can ship our customer operations go uninterrupted. That’s our risk management solution to keeping you well supplied.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Finally, buying from OWS provides customers with unmatched customer service that larger pallet manufacturers cannot offer.

Large manufacturers frequently blow off smaller buyers if the order is below a certain quantity. If they receive a quote it will usually take days and will usually not include a freight estimate shipping. If they aren’t ordering multiple truckloads, they will usually be ignored or passed off to a pallet distributor.

Pallet manufacturers rely on a smaller number of large customers for the bulk of their sales; these larger customers are given preferential treatment and faster service over other customers, resulting in longer lead times for smaller customers.

For all these reasons, you should buy from One Way Solutions, a proud plastic pallet distributor!

What qualities does One Way Solutions show?

Buying from a pallet distributor, such as One Way Solutions, carries a personal touch that many manufacturers and even other distributors just do not possess. At One Way, there is always someone waiting to talk to you regarding any needs you may have. If you were to call most other companies, especially manufacturers, you would end up talking and being directed around by a confusing phone robot attendant.

Buying from a pallet distributor provides hundreds of different pallet types ranging from manufacturer, style, and type. You are able to find all of these plastic pallet selections right on this website! If one were to look at our Google reviews, or even customer testimonials, you could see customer service and satisfaction are our #1 priorities.

The Main Advantages Of Ordering from One Way:

Customer Service

One Ways Solutions offers swift customer service regardless of order size. No matter the size of the order, your company places for our high quality pallets, you will be helped by our plastic Pallet Experts quickly and efficiently.

Whether we are sending large pallet bulk orders or just a few pallet samples out to prospective customers, our Pallet Experts will accommodate your every need and answer any question you may have.


Here at One Way, we can replace your pallets if out of stock. Along with that, we have extremely competitive prices that gives us an edge in our market and are very willing to negotiate prices. We also have the ability to create custom pallets that are ideal for whatever needs your business has. Our job is to help make your job easier.

High Volume Advantage

We are very willing to negotiate pricing on products, especially when we sell in bulk. Along with that, buying in higher volume allows you to keep shipping costs lower. Plastic pallets are lighter than wood, allowing them to ship more quantity per truck.

We know all pallets, not just a particular line.

We sell pallets for use in over 10 industries while also having many different pallet types.
We are able to use various different types of plastic resins, to satisfy all your needs. All of our plastic pallets are fully export compliant and not subject to ISPM-15 regulations, making it convenient for you. One Way provides high quality pallets that work for many different kinds of applications at a low cost.

Benefits of Buying from One Way Solutions

Plastic pallets range heavily in variety.

Why would you want to limit yourself by buying direct from a manufacturer?

Is it worth chasing a few pennies while sacrificing reliable customer service?

Many of One Way solutions customers have been with us for a long time.

Do you think that if you are buying at a small rate of quantity you will be treated with respect by the manufacturer?

No matter the order size, type of pallet, or any other factor, One Way Solutions will always be able to help you achieve your goals in a professional yet personal manner.

Do you think there are other advantages to buying from a distributor such as One Way Solutions?

Please share your comments, ideas, and experiences.

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Robin Spencer Kiefer connects customers with solutions and products. Robin is the Digital Marketing Manager of One Way Solutions.