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Plastic Pallet Freight Savings – Buy More!

image Andy Pigott image February 20, 2015

Greetings – I hope your year is going well.

I noticed something recently that I’m sure you’ll be interested in… and after all, who doesn’t like to save money?

Plastic Pallet Freight Savings

Improve Operational Efficiency by Reducing Inbound Freight Expenses

Plastic pallet shipping prices can be costly. Don’t let these expenses go unnoticed! Shipping expenses impact the bottom line profitability of your organization and should be kept in mind when you receive quotes from other plastic pallet manufacturers.

Concerned about true pallet replacement costs? Be sure to account for inbound freight expenses!

Order Pallets In Volume to Reduce Transportation Costs

Did you know you could save as much as $10 PER pallet, JUST on SHIPPING costs alone by ordering in volume?

When ordering plastic pallets and pallet containers in higher volume, especially by truckload, you can enjoy quantity pricing discounts and save up to 93% on per unit freight charges!

Check out these plastic pallet freight savings:

I hope that helps!

Please contact me for a quote and advice on how to select the perfect plastic pallet.

– Andy Pigott

PS. What’s the greatest challenge you face for your material handling operations? Let me know – I’m here to help.

About Andy Pigott

Andy Pigott has been helping shippers find the perfect plastic pallet for over a decade. He is the Sales Manager at One Way Solutions.

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