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Plastic Pallet Recycling – Pallet Expert FAQ

image Robin Kiefer image March 10, 2020

Plastic Pallet Recycling – The Purpose

Are you considering recycling your old plastic pallets? You should, and here’s why. 

As your stockpile of old pallets grows, it also grows in value. Once you have enough plastic pallets that fit a full truckload, it’s time to consider taking advantage of its scrap value. (We will explain more below.)

Remember, because many higher quality plastic pallets can be processed for recycling; and sometimes they can even be recycled for good $ to help your bottom line.

So why not gain a little knowledge in this area so you can take advantage of the opportunity?

As Benjamin Franklin said it, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

Plastic Pallet Recycling - An Investment In Knowledge

Plastic Pallet Recycling – An Investment In Knowledge

We’ve got you on this one. Below we will walk you through the process of recycling plastic pallets and include the option to turn retired plastic pallets into savings.

Plastic Pallet Recycling – The Process

There are options when for recycling your plastic pallets. If you want to recycle PE pallets, contact your local recycle stream and make arrangements.

It’s not as hard as it sounds and they will walk you through their process for providing the pallets and take the stress off of you figuring out what to do with them.

Better yet, a local molder who produces regrind is a great option to get rid of your old pallet pile. (Don’t worry, a simple Google search can help you find one.)

Plastic Pallet Recycling - Search For Local Molders

Plastic Pallet Recycling – Search For Local Molders

The cool thing about the regrind process is that it makes the most of the plastic pallet resin. The resulting excess material and rejected parts can be reclaimed and repurposed as regrind (which is either mixed with new resin, or used on its own).

If you really want to get into the dirty details, there is a whole process when the plastic is exposed to thermal and mechanical stress, it becomes weak and brittle. This degradation is called “heat history.”

Both the heat history of processing, and the grinding process itself may degrade physical, chemical and flow properties of the thermoplastic resin, and anything made from the regrind. (Source: Unilever)

This is why we leave it to the experts to decide.

Will Molders Recycle Any Plastic Pallets?

No, they won’t. Because reground materials are intended for use in the manufacturing of new products, molders will not accept inferior plastics, or plastics whose condition will make it unprofitable to use in regrind.

For instance, used pallets may become imbedded with foreign objects during over their useful lifetime. objects like rocks or metal fragments make it difficult for molders to reuse.

In some cases, reground material may have to be floated in water to separate the useful materials from rocks and metal. That takes time and handling – and costs money.

Speaking of experts and the process of offloading old pallets for profits, there’s one more option.

If we are talking about a lot of pallets (a minimum of one truckload), they are pretty easy to SELL for regrind. This is where it gets good….

Plastic Pallet Recycling – The Profits

We are happy to mention that One Way has its own grinding operation. That’s right, we are here to help you not only help you recycle your old plastic pallets, but actually make money from it.

Because shipping is expensive, this is why you want to make sure you can ship them back in full truckload quantities.

Plastic Pallet Recycling - It Can Help Save Money

Plastic Pallet Recycling – It Can Help Save Money

Here’s what it looks like.

We will buy your truckload of plastic pallets back at scrap value minus then freight costs, and then give you a material credit.

It’s a no brainer.

This is the best option if you want to truly make use of your old stock pile of pallets and have it help your bottom line. Agreed?

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Need Help Selecting A Pallet?

Our Plastic Pallet Experts are happy to help you find the right plastic Plastic Pallet and send you a quote that includes shipping costs.

Please contact us to find the perfect pallet at the best price.

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7 Comments on “Plastic Pallet Recycling – Pallet Expert FAQ

  1. Jonathan B.-Mailhot


    I am reaching out to know whom on your team handles the sale of you pallet regrinds?

    Plastiques DC is major compounder currently buying and compounding over 4.5 millions lb/month and we are looking for new sources of recycled plastic material. Pallet regrind is one of these sources we would like to increase.

    Please let me know to whom I may speak.



    Mr. Kiefer,

    We generate 1 full TL of used plastic pallets per quarter and are looking for a recycler. Is this something you can accept/purchase/regrind/reuse/recycle?

    I look forward to your response. Thank you.

    Agmet, LLC
    7400 Medusa Street
    Oakwood Village, OH 44146
    440-439-7400 x228

    1. Robin Kiefer Post author

      Hi Matt – with a small quantity like 100 used plastic pallets, you’re definitely better off selling them locally to help a potential buyer reduce transportation costs. One Way wouldn’t be interested, but we wish you the best of luck!


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