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Custom Logo Pallets

Custom Logo Pallets from One Way

OK party people, let’s get wild. This might sound crazy, but did you know you can get custom logo pallets from One Way Solutions?

It’s true. These babies can give your brand a big boost when shipping product to customers. Let’s talk shop for a sec.

What is a custom logo pallet?

A custom logo pallet is a pallet that has added branding to identify the owner.

The are 3 ways to add custom logos to plastic pallets:

  • Hot Stamp
  • Cold Stamp
  • Stickers

Hot Stamp

Hot stamp logs are created by inserting a logo die into the plastic pallet mold, creating a custom logo imprint on the pallet surface during the pallet molding process.

This is a superior option because the logo becomes part of the pallet and is hard to remove or damage – retaining your company logo to increasing branding and reduce theft. 

Cold Stamp

Cold Stamped logos are simply stamped on the pallet after it has been molded. This can be a more versatile option because it can be added to an existing pallet inventory without the need for a special production run of molded pallets.

Because cold stamping requires less setup during production, it is a less costly option.

Pallet Stickers

Adhesive back stickers displaying a custom logo can also be applied to the pallet surface.

This is the least expensive option for adding a custom logo to pallets, but the sticker can be more easily damaged.

How Do I Decide Which Custom Logo Pallet option is Best?

When considering logo options, think about how you would like the logo to appear visually, the costs involved, and the importance of making sure the logo is easily identifiable on the pallet itself.

What’s the benefit of custom logo pallets?

So now let’s talk about why you should order custom logo pallets for your company. The biggest benefit is branding. The more you keep your company name in front of customers, the more you stay ingrained in their mind. Simple touches like a branded pallet can really stand out when your product is being seen amongst many competitors. Especially in a crowded marketplace, any chance you can to stay front and center the better!

Another powerful benefit is that branding your pallets discourages theft and reduces inventory shrinkage. When your logo is placed right on the pallet, it’s less likely someone will want it so you can maintain better inventory levels.

How do you receive a quote for a custom logo pallet?

Sounds like we’ve convinced you to consider ordering some custom logo pallets. Cool! The next step is to send us your vector based artwork. Then we can provide you a basic drawing that shows logo position. If you want to include multiple elements, we can determine the best placement on the pallet for each.

What else to know about ordering custom logo pallets?

This shouldn’t come as a surprise but there are a few things to know about this type of order:

  • Increases the lead time for production
  • Adds to the pallet price (custom quote provided)
  • Non-returnable once order is placed (because, well no one quite appreciates your logo as much as you do)

All things considered…ordering custom logo pallets can be a great way to get your name out there when shipping product around the country (or world).

If you want to talk next steps, reach out so we can prepare a quote.

Still have questions? Let me know how I can help!

* What’s the best reason for you to order a custom logo pallet?

* Do you think your customers will appreciate a branded pallet?

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Australian Clock Maker Makes Fully Functional Clock From Pallet

This certainly isn’t the first time that we’ve shared a neat pallet creation, but it’s definitely the first time that we’ve shared something this intricate.

When you think of things that you can make out of pallets what do you think of? Maybe a chair, or a small house, or some kind of sculpture. You know, all the stuff you see on Pinterest.

Will Matthysen of Warrandyte, Victoria, Australia thinks of clocks.

And not just a clock. A fully functional clock.

The project was a part of an annual event known as the Create From A Crate Competition, and yes, it was enough to earn the Australian clock maker the grand prize.

Check out the above video to see the process.

So I guess we’ve found another project that wooden pallets are great for. For all of your warehouse needs, there are plastic pallets from One Way Solutions.

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Brian Pigott is an engineer and customer-centric entrepreneur. Brian is the Managing Director of One Way Solutions.