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Why Choose a 45 x 48 Pallet size?

image Robin Kiefer image April 16, 2020

Why Choose a 45 x 48 Pallet size?

The Best of Its Features and Benefits

Much can be said about the use of the 45 x 48 pallet size, especially for the shipping and handling in the automotive industry. Based on the standard AIAG footprint, these recyclable plastic pallets offer an extended service life and are perfect for conveying systems, static storage, stack loading, and distribution.

The airtight, smooth design ensures that 45x 48 pallet sizes can be cleaned easily. Additionally, they provide an environmental, economic, and efficient alternative to skids and wood pallets.

Take for example our top seller, the heavy duty pro-pal pallet.

45 x 48 Pallet Size - Nestable Heavy Duty Pro-Pal Pallet w/ Safety Lip

45 x 48 Pallet Size – Nestable Heavy Duty Pro-Pal Pallet w/ Safety Lip

In its own right, the 45 x 48 pallet size is a very durable pallet with a high degree of versatility and cost-saving advantages to boost productivity at every turn. The 45x 48 journey is rackable and stackable with the majority of AIAG-standard pallet (and their boxes) to enhance security and load safety.

It also complies with the packaging requirements for the automotive industry and can handle impressive loads of dynamic 4,000 lb and static 30,000 lb.

AIAG and Choice of Plastic Pallets 

That automotive industry was one of the first sectors to embrace the choice of plastic pallets. The shift from wood pallets comes with performance and economic benefits, as well as showcasing a new world of plastic pallet options useful for automotive industry suppliers.

Whether engine blocks, batteries, compressors, shipping wheels, taillight need, or pistons, logistic managers can streamline these products to their exact specifications.

The automotive industry has been the flag bearer for the transition from wood to plastic pallets, but other sectors can benefit. Almost every industry can enjoy the economic and performance-related benefits from making the switch.

Nestable and Stackable 45 x 48 Pallets 

The nestable design of the 45 x 48 pallet size tailored towards efficiency storage when empty. It provides strength in the automotive supply chain. 45 x 48 pallet size tools are not only cost-effective but also acts as versatile solutions for shipment and storage of automotive components and parts.

This is compliant with the AIAG standard. The nestable 45 x 48 plastic pallets, available at Start Studio, help standardize distribution across all levels of the supply chain.

The structure of the nestable 45 x 48 plastic pallets is structural foam-molded with a molded-in lip and flat deck. The 45 x 48 pallet size is compatible with handheld folding container systems.

Rackable and Stackable 45 x 48 Pallets 

Quite simply, rackable 45 x 48 plastic pallets are the most remain and durable pallets you can get. Designed for optimum storage, they can be used to store products on the rack in a secure manner safely. While also available in different styles at this online pallet store, rackable 45 x 48 pallets are considered impervious to solvents, odors, acids, and fats.

45 x 48 Pallet Size - 45 x 48 Stackable Solid Deck Plastic Pallet w/ 3 Runners

45 x 48 Pallet Size – 45 x 48 Stackable Solid Deck Plastic Pallet w/ 3 Runners

Pallets like this stackable solid deck one are also water absorbent, resistant to bacterial infestation, and NSF approved. Companies can maximize warehouse space with a heavy-duty flat-top deck or cruciform 45 x 48 pallet.

These 45 x 48 pallets are considered as the best option due to the base runners that run through the full length of the sides, which allow them to be racked in either direction. The 45 x 48 pallet uses block design to its fullest, resulting in the building of a comprehensive framework on either side of the pallet.

Why Buy the 45 x 48 Pallet Size

Plastic pallets have proven to be exceptional in their ease of use and advantages on both economic and environmental scales. The benefits attached to AIAG standardized pallets like the 45 x 48 pallet size proves that companies in the automotive sector should jump on the bandwagon as soon as possible.

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