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Pallet Order Tracking

One Way Solutions strives to provide the best service in the business – and we’re always improving. Whether we’re connecting our customers with plastic pallet experts, over the phone and online, or answering your questions as quickly as we possibly can, our mighty team continues to find ways to go above and beyond.

That’s why we are extremely excited to share a pretty cool new service feature for our customers. Want to know what it is? We’re Pallet Order Tracking!

Pallet Order Tracking

Proactive, proprietary tracking updates are only offered at One Way Solutions. Need to know when your pallet delivery will be arriving? Our proactive tracking and delivery forecasting will provide you helpful tracking updates on your pallet order before it even leaves our docks!

Check this out – here is an example of a order tracking email that our pallet customers receive before we’re even done packing your order!

Pallet Order Tracking Email

Pallet Order Tracking Email

Why Is Pallet Order Tracking A Big Deal?

Most of our customers already know, but One Way Solutions already combines the most competitive plastic pallet prices with the most reasonable freight fees.

In order to find you the best possible rate for your shipping, One Way runs your order past more than 30 different truck lines from more 14 separate freight docks across the USA – our shippers bid for your pallet order and the most reasonable price with reliable service wins!

Although this may help save money, it presents a huge challenge for providing updated shipping status due to to all the moving parts.

Managing hundreds of orders and pallet skus, 14 shipping locations, and 30 shippers could be a huge challenge; but our automated shipping tracks makes short work of this crucial and timely information; all in real time.

But that doesn’t stop us from providing superior customer service. We’ve worked tirelessly to come up with a way to share the latest order status to our customers, providing shipping dates and order tracking in real time!

See how cool this really is?

Our pallet customers receive timely notifications at the most important points in the process:

* When we’ve booked a pickup for your order – and –

* when your order leaves our docks – just your pallet order ships:

Pallet Order Shipment Tracking Email

Pallet Order Shipment Tracking Email

Trying to hunt down your pallet order is now a thing of the past. One Way’s new pallet order tracking is here to provide you information you need to successfully run your warehouse.

Please contact us if you have any questions on the topic. Otherwise, look forward to receiving your first series of shipment notifications on your next pallet order!

Start shopping pallets right here.

Pallet Order Tracking And Pallet Delivery Forecasting Included With Every Order

Pallet Order Tracking And Pallet Delivery Forecasting Included With Every Order

About Robin Kiefer

Robin Spencer Kiefer connects customers with solutions and products. Robin is the Digital Marketing Manager of One Way Solutions.

PP-O-40-NM7 Nestable Plastic Pallet Review

Our New NM7 Plastic Pallet

Not All Pallets Are Created Equal!

We sell a lot of different pallets at One Way Solutions- almost 250 different models.

Any when you consider plastic pallet size options, load capacities, industry-specific features, and specific applications, it’s only fitting that we carry an option to suit all circumstances…

because we are pallet experts!

Despite all the variations across our pallet catalog, there is one key specification that allows us easily compare pallet prices versus performance: strength vs weight.

Pallet Strength To Weight Ratio

More material means more weight; as you add more material to a pallet, the cost increases. The best pallet will offer the greatest performance at a minimum weight.

Our latest pallet optimizes this key metric to offer exceptional value to warehouses needing a light/medium duty nestable pallet. Its technical design advancements delivery the brute strength required to satisfy many desired uses.

The NM7 is specifically designed to minimize pallet tare weight without sacrificing strength and durability. This beast of a pallet has a 2,700 lb dynamic capacity. This being said, the NM7 is a heavy weight type of pallet with light weight pricing.

Introducing #PP-O-40-NM7

40 x 48 Light/Medium Duty Nestable Plastic Pallet

The design of this pallet makes it a champion performer, minimizing expenses through two main design efficiency goals:

  • Structural Economy
  • Efficient Production

Structural Economy

The NM7’s design is a complete study in structural economy that optimizes the placement of plastic material, eliminating unnecessary plastic waste through superior design by channeling all plastic materials into the supportive structures of the plastic pallet.

Lean and mean, the NM7 achieves more capacity with less weight, achieving a higher capacity with minimal material cost.

Production Features

Efficient Production

Injection molding machines used to produce plastic pallets are huge machines that require consume massive amounts of power. Less material lowers the NM7s cycle time, driving down the price of the plastic pallet by maximizing the rate of production, lowering part cycle times, and reducing energy costs.

High Pressure Molding

This pallet is truly a work of art- high pressure molding gives it life.

Design Sophistication

The NM7’s high-pressure injection molds allow a complex geometry and with detailed features.

Precise Strength Regulation

Our specialized high-pressure molds allow targeted strength variation. The NM7 has targeted reinforcement in different areas with more or less plastic to help the overall strength of the pallet.

Automated Production Benefits

A majority of this process is run by machines which one individual can observe and control. This mechanical automation reduces manufacturing costs.

With these lowered costs, savings are passed down to the customer for a lower rate while offering superior quality.

Recycled Mold Scraps

Mold Scraps, produced during pallet manufacturing, are reused e reused for the next pallet molding. This process creates minimal waste without impacting the quality of this excellent product.

Maximized Pallet Uniformity & Accuracy

Some pallets have longer production cycle times in production. To boost output, pallet manufactures may try to remove a pallet from the press before it has sufficiently cooled. Removing hot plastic pallets from their mold prematurely causes shrinkage and warping.

When excess material is removed from a pallet design and minimized, faster cooling times result. Simple put, the less plastic used in pallet, the faster it cools!

Unlike other pallets that have longer cycles times, NM7 pallets cool quickly before being removed from the mold, resulting pallets that are:

  • True 40″ x 48″pallets
  • Remarkably flat

Made In The USA – Shipped From An Ideal Shipping Origin

The NM7 pallet is manufactured and shipped from Michigan. It’s centralized US location is an ideal distribution point to minimize shipping expenses to all areas of United States.

NM7 Pallet Design Benefits

Optimized Pallet Legs

If you take a look at the design you will notice a precise cutouts located in each of the nine pallet legs. These voids reduce pallet weight and cost to our customers. Costs are further reduced when shipping the pallets to our customers, allowing us deliver more pallet performance at lowering shipping rates!

Tapered Pallet Edges

The NM7’s tapered edges assist the fork-tine entry along with splitting a nesting rack, allowing pallet handlers to quickly easily move pallets to their designed location without sweating the details.

Reinforced Pallet Perimeter

The perimeter of the NM7 is reinforced with extra ribs to increasing impact-resistance for a safer, more durable product.

4 Way Entry

The NM7 design enables it to have a 4-way entry compatible with nearly all forklifts and hand trucks.

Open Deck Pallet Design

The NM7’s open deck allows for easy handling, easy cleaning, and further reduces material costs and unnecessary tare weight.

Superior Nesting Ratio

A superior nesting ratio allows for 2100 pallets to fit in a 53′ truck, significantly reducing the per pallet shipping costs.

Material Choice – Recycled High Density Polyethylene

The NM7 pallet is made from Recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This material has many vital features that makes the NM7 such an efficient pallet of choice. This material is lightweight, yet strong and resilient.

This strength is crucial to the lifespan of heavy shipping goods along with the pallet itself. HDPE has impact resistant properties that makes using this pallet the right choice if safety is in mind.

Some other key characteristics this material consists of is a long lasting product life, while being weather and mold resistant. HDPE frequently replaces heavier materials, partially in light of the fact that our society and many organizations are seeking after sustainable alternatives, for example, decreasing the amount of material utilized in shipping and products. This material being “lightweight while strong” can convert into less impact on the earth and cost.

The higher the density of the polyethylene material utilized the stronger, more rigid and more heat resistant the plastic is. The higher density models indicate better properties in strength, chemical and heat resistance, surface hardness and abrasion resistance.

Ventilated Deck * Chemical Resistant:

Traditional pallets may not be reasonable for specific material handling with operations involving the transportation or storage of specific types of chemicals. The NM7 pallet is a uniquely composed plastic makeup that is impervious to chemicals and toxic materials. Having a plastic ventilated pallet improves moisture resistance, safe handling, and airflow. Plastic does not absorb moisture so it will keep products safe and protected from intruding organisms. With the ventilation an individual is able to move and use this pallet with a high level of safety.

Meets GMA Industry Standards

Ideal Pallet Uses

Ideal uses for the NM7 include:

  • One way exports
  • Light-medium duty reusable applications
  • WIP
  • Inventory Storage
  • Point Of Purchase Display, and distribution applications.

How Do You Like It?

Please let us know what you think about our NM7 plastic pallet- we value your option and pallet expertise!

Please leave your comments below and contact us for assistance on finding the perfect plastic pallet for the right price.

About Robin Kiefer

Robin Spencer Kiefer connects customers with solutions and products. Robin is the Digital Marketing Manager of One Way Solutions.

Plastic Pallet Freight Savings – Buy More!

Greetings – I hope your year is going well.

I noticed something recently that I’m sure you’ll be interested in… and after all, who doesn’t like to save money?

Plastic Pallet Freight Savings

Improve Operational Efficiency by Reducing Inbound Freight Expenses

Plastic pallet shipping prices can be costly. Don’t let these expenses go unnoticed! Shipping expenses impact the bottom line profitability of your organization and should be kept in mind when you receive quotes from other plastic pallet manufacturers.

Concerned about true pallet replacement costs? Be sure to account for inbound freight expenses!

Order Pallets In Volume to Reduce Transportation Costs

Did you know you could save as much as $10 PER pallet, JUST on SHIPPING costs alone by ordering in volume?

When ordering plastic pallets and pallet containers in higher volume, especially by truckload, you can enjoy quantity pricing discounts and save up to 93% on per unit freight charges!

Check out these plastic pallet freight savings:

I hope that helps!

Please contact me for a quote and advice on how to select the perfect plastic pallet.

– Andy Pigott

PS. What’s the greatest challenge you face for your material handling operations? Let me know – I’m here to help.

About Andy Pigott

Andy Pigott has been helping shippers find the perfect plastic pallet for over a decade. He is the Sales Manager at One Way Solutions.

One Way Solutions Newsletter – November 2014

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About Brian Pigott

Brian Pigott is an engineer and customer-centric entrepreneur. Brian is the Managing Director of One Way Solutions.

New Website Launched

One Way Solutions has partnered with Keyword Search Pros, located in Sherman Oaks, CA to completely overhaul the previous website. The new site incorporates modern design features and navigation that we hope users will appreciate. It will enable them to request quotes on multiple products and speeds users through the RFQ process faster than ever. Please let us know what you think!

About Brian Pigott

Brian Pigott is an engineer and customer-centric entrepreneur. Brian is the Managing Director of One Way Solutions.

One Way Solutions is attending Modex – Atlanta – March 17-20, 2014

MODEX 2014 will be one the largest expositions for manufacturing, distribution and supply chain solutions in the Americas in 201. The show is designed to offer supply chain efficiency solutions, learning opportunities and information by showcasing the products and services of over 500 leading providers.

About Brian Pigott

Brian Pigott is an engineer and customer-centric entrepreneur. Brian is the Managing Director of One Way Solutions.

Pack Expo International – Chicago – Nov. 2-5, 2014

PACK EXPO International 2014 is the one and only event with the most innovative technologies and solutions that drive your business. The largest, most comprehensive processing and packaging event in the world delivers:

About Brian Pigott

Brian Pigott is an engineer and customer-centric entrepreneur. Brian is the Managing Director of One Way Solutions.