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One Way Solutions Newsletter – November 2014

image Brian Pigott image November 30, 2014

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Here are this month’s items:

New Rackable Pallets, Sale Items and Refurbished Containers


Rackable/Stackable – NEW PALLET
PP-O-40-R2.5 – Reinforced Plastic Pallet

This brand spanking new redesign of our popular PP-O-40-R2 model is lighter, sleeker and best of all, less expensive. Evethough it is lighter, it still maintains the heavy duty load capacities and great durability characteristics of its older self. Available with 3 or 5 reinforcing rods for added strength. These are hot off the press and ready to ship!


$46.50 – Qty 10-270
$45.50 – Qty 271-539
$42.95 – Truckload

Rackable/Stackable – NEW PALLET
PP-O-40-3R – Universal Pallet

As its name implies, our new Universal Pallet can do it all and we are excited to introduce it you. The PP-O-40-3R is classifeid as a “Mid-Duty” pallet as it weighs only 31 lbs! Don’t let that fool you though becasue its still boasts a 3300 lb fork and 2200 lb rack capacity. It is available with a 3 runner bottom as well as full 5 runner bottom.

$36.65 – Truckload
$38.65 – LTL


Rackable / Stackable Plastic Pallet. ON SALE!
PP-S-40-R3 – Solid Deck

Least expensive solid deck stackable pallet available on the market today. Weighs in at 46lbs and has a fork capacity of 4,000 lbs! 540pcs in a full truckload. This sale is for a limited time only.


$27.25 – Truckload
$28.25 – LTL

Refurbished Collapsible Containers
Hands down, the best refurbished containers in the business. Get them today on sale!

32 x 30 x 25- from $87.99 each
32 x 30 x 34 – from $99.99 each
40 x 48 x 34 – from $119.99 each
45 x 48 x 25 – from $109.99 each
45 x 48 x 34 – from $119.99 each

About Brian Pigott

Brian Pigott is an engineer and customer-centric entrepreneur. Brian is the Managing Director of One Way Solutions.

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