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Pallet Order Tracking

image Robin Kiefer image December 2, 2019

One Way Solutions strives to provide the best service in the business – and we’re always improving. Whether we’re connecting our customers with plastic pallet experts, over the phone and online, or answering your questions as quickly as we possibly can, our mighty team continues to find ways to go above and beyond.

That’s why we are extremely excited to share a pretty cool new service feature for our customers. Want to know what it is? We’re Pallet Order Tracking!

Pallet Order Tracking

Proactive, proprietary tracking updates are only offered at One Way Solutions. Need to know when your pallet delivery will be arriving? Our proactive tracking and delivery forecasting will provide you helpful tracking updates on your pallet order before it even leaves our docks!

Check this out – here is an example of a order tracking email that our pallet customers receive before we’re even done packing your order!

Pallet Order Tracking Email

Pallet Order Tracking Email

Why Is Pallet Order Tracking A Big Deal?

Most of our customers already know, but One Way Solutions already combines the most competitive plastic pallet prices with the most reasonable freight fees.

In order to find you the best possible rate for your shipping, One Way runs your order past more than 30 different truck lines from more 14 separate freight docks across the USA – our shippers bid for your pallet order and the most reasonable price with reliable service wins!

Although this may help save money, it presents a huge challenge for providing updated shipping status due to to all the moving parts.

Managing hundreds of orders and pallet skus, 14 shipping locations, and 30 shippers could be a huge challenge; but our automated shipping tracks makes short work of this crucial and timely information; all in real time.

But that doesn’t stop us from providing superior customer service. We’ve worked tirelessly to come up with a way to share the latest order status to our customers, providing shipping dates and order tracking in real time!

See how cool this really is?

Our pallet customers receive timely notifications at the most important points in the process:

* When we’ve booked a pickup for your order – and –

* when your order leaves our docks – just your pallet order ships:

Pallet Order Shipment Tracking Email

Pallet Order Shipment Tracking Email

Trying to hunt down your pallet order is now a thing of the past. One Way’s new pallet order tracking is here to provide you information you need to successfully run your warehouse.

PleaseĀ contact us if you have any questions on the topic. Otherwise, look forward to receiving your first series of shipment notifications on your next pallet order!

Start shopping pallets right here.

Pallet Order Tracking And Pallet Delivery Forecasting Included With Every Order

Pallet Order Tracking And Pallet Delivery Forecasting Included With Every Order

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