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image Robin Kiefer image December 2, 2019

Choosing Pallet Performance Options with Plasgad Pallets

Plasgad Pallets possess certain features and functions that set them apart from other plastic pallets brands.

When evaluating which pallet will best perform for your product requirements, consider a few of these specifications and options from our line of Plasgad Pallets.

1. Warehouse Racking Functionality

Rackable Plasgad Pallets

Rackable pallets are the most durable and reliable pallets you can find. Designed to be safely and securely stored on racks, rackable pallets allow you to maximize available floor space without sacrificing storage space.

Consider this 32 x 48 plastic rackable pallet by Plasgad which has the additional warehouse function of being stackable as well. This option is ideal for multiple use applications and storage.

Plasgad 32 x 48 Rackable Plastic Pallet

Plasgad 32 x 48 Rackable Plastic Pallet

Stackable Plasgad Pallets

Looking to save space when it comes to storage and shipping with plastic pallets? Stackable pallets may be just the right fit. They are designed to maintain maximum stability when stacked with or without products on them, a natural choice for shipments that require added protection.

Nestable Plasgad Pallets

But wait, there’s more! Plasgad offers additional space-saving pallet storage solutions that have added durability and safety features. Nestable pallets provide a unique design that allows you to stack more pallets at a safe height while maintaining structural integrity. The great thing about this option is that you save valuable floor space by compacting your pallet stacks.

2. Transportation Functionality


Now let’s talk transportation. Weight can be an issue when shipping heavy products on pallets. This is where “runners” come into play. A pallet with a 3-runner base provides extra strength because of the strips across the bottom which increase the dynamic load capacity.


When considering the best option for heavy duty requirements, look no further than the 40×48 Plasgad 6-runner stackable pallet. This baby is a beast when it comes to transporting heavy loads with its added support in the cruciform perimeter-base with a 6-runner.

40 x 48 Plasgad 6-Runner Stackable Pallet

40 x 48 Plasgad 6-Runner Stackable Pallet

3. Safety Functionality

Pallet Lips

When safety is a concern, then take pallet lips into consideration as they offer a more secure payload, which in turn helps reduce the likelihood of injuries caused by slipping and runaway freight.

Plasgad offers a few pallet lips options, both the 2-Runner Rackable Stackable Plastic Euro Pallet with Lip, as well as the brand new 6-Runner Neptune shown below.

Plasgad Neptune 6-Runner Plastic Pallet

Plasgad Neptune 6-Runner Plastic Pallet

Questions on which Plasgad plastic pallet is right for you? Reach out!

We love finding the perfect fit for your needs.

Please contact us so we can send you a quote, including shipping costs.

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