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Why do you need a Pallet Expert?

So here’s the thing. When you’re searching for the best pallet at the best price, you want to choose a supplier that truly knows all possible solutions for you. Meaning, they aren’t limiting the options they provide to you just based on their own inventory.

If you are choosing a pallet for your company only based on a small selection, you won’t know how much you could be saving over time with a better product.

A true pallet expert will ask you the right questions and seek to fully understand your situation in order to provide you the best possible solution.

The idea here is, don’t rely on options that are limiting. It’s why the whole basis of One Way Solutions is to offer the most expansive selections of pallets on the market. And almost more importantly, it’s why we have a combined 41 years of focused experience to provide you a level of expertise and service unlike anything else.

What Is a Pallet Expert?

Well, the definition of expert according to Webster’s Dictionary is one with the special skill or knowledge representing mastery of a particular subject. 

In order to have mastery at something, you need to have been in the trenches. That’s what we offer here at One Way. A team of experts with a range of pallet expertise so that we can provide you the knowledge and skill set needed to find the best pallets at the best price.

Brian & Andy Pigott – 36 Year Pallet Experts

The two brothers that run our company are part of a family that grew up in the pallet business. With a total of 36 years experience, the level of expertise that Brian and Andy provide is hard to find in the material handling industry.

Robin Kiefer – 6 Year Pallet Expert

When it comes to the tech side of the pallet business, Robin is the one behind the most advanced systems in the industry today. With his expertise, One Way is able to offer customers a targeted selection of products at the right time in the buying cycle. And he’ll send you a quote as well!

Sandy Pigott – 10 Year Pallet Expert

Sandy’s attention to detail keeps our customers coming back for more – you’ll never be left guessing where your order is. Proactive customer service!

Melissa Clow – 2 Year Pallet Expert

You don’t even need to ask when you’re order will be delivered because she’s on it. Any questions about your order or invoice? She can help!

Tiffany Vitiello – 2 Year Pallet Expert

Tiffany specializes in finding the best pallet prices for our customers – check in with her for the latest sales and hot deals!

Jen – 10 Year Pallet Expert

Jen makes sure your account balance is accurate and that all pallet discounts and payments have been applied and appropriately recorded.

What Type of Experience and Education Should a Pallet Expert Have?

Ideally you can find a pallet expert that has extensive experience in the industry. For us, we’re a third generation material handling business, as Brian and Andy’s family have been pioneers in the pallet industry. This type of expertise comes across in all areas of service here at One Way. 

When choosing which pallet expert to work with, you should also consider the type of education they have. While many backgrounds can be of benefit to the pallet business, including anything in logistics and supply chain management, Brian’s education is able to offer something different than most.

With an engineering and design background, Brian has a deep level of knowledge on the specifications that play such an important role in deciding the right type of pallets. 

Let me know how I can help!

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