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Best Pallets For Handling CBD

image Robin Kiefer image April 26, 2019

Best Pallets For Handling CBD

CBD Food Products Legalization – It’s Coming

In December 2018, Congress legalized hemp-derived CBD.

But the FDA stopped short of allowing CBD to be added to food products and prohibited CBD’s addition to foods – for now.

The dawn of legal CBB food products is not far off. The FDA has scheduled a public hearing regarding how to handle the legalization of adding CBD to food and drinks on May 31st, 2019.

The goal of this hearing on CBD’s appearance in food products is to begin the collection of data that will help determine how the FDA can effectively regulate manufacturing, labeling, and production of CBD edibles and CBD beverages.

The Best Pallets For Handling CBD

CBD is here to say – are you using The Best Pallets For Handling CBD?

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, also known by its abbreviation CBD, is one of roughly 113 cannabinoids found in Cannabis. Unlike THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid that makes users feel “high,” CBD does not produce any psychoactive feelings of being “high” or “stoned.”

What are the Benefits of CBD?

OK, so food brands want to add CBD to food products. But why?

Cannabidiol can improve health in many different ways.

CBD is believed to have many beneficial applications to improve human health and wellness:
* Seizure Prevention: CBD is believed to reduce the incidence and intensity of seizures, making it a promising alternative for Epileptics and others suffering from seizures.
* Inflammation Reduction: CBD is believed to be an anti-inflammatory alternative and is known to reduce swelling.
* Pain Management: Cannabidiol is also used as an alternative pain management treatment – even for relieving migraine headaches!
* Mental Wellness: CBD is taken as an anti-depressant and is also used as a way to combat anxiety, depression, and psychosis.
* Digestive Wellness: CBD is often taken as an alternative treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease & Nausea.

“I want a new drug, one that won’t make me sick
One that won’t make me crash my car – Or make me feel three feet thick”
– Huey Lewis & The News

Best Pallets For Handling CBD Food Products

Best Pallets For Handling CBD Food Products – image thanks to

Why should the Material Handling Industry Care About CBD?

Because CBD is used in both food and  pharmaceutical industries and will be consumed by living creatures, its handling will be subject to the exacting guidelines of the FDA.

Improper handling could destroy the CBD and the food products it’s used in – or make them unsafe and unfit for human consumption or personal use.

So it is no surprise that the best pallets for handling CBD medicines and CBD food products will be plastic FDA Pallets.

The Best Pallets for Handling CBD and Cannabis are Plastic FDA Pallets

Plastic pallets that meet FDA guidelines are best for handling CBD.

Strong, well-engineered pallets that are made from sustainable, virgin polyethylene resin are the best option for safe operation for freight handlers and also reduce the possibility of contamination.

Plastic Pallets Are Best For Handling CBD because:
* they will not splinter and create unsafe conditions for material handling professionals and CBD distributors.
* the virgin material used to make the pallets will not taint the purity of the CBD or the food products therein.
* the pallets have smooth, well machined surfaces that are easily cleaned, making them ideal for sustainable, long-term use in closed loop and point to point CBD processing, distribution, and manufacturing.

Our offering is excellent for CBD and Cannabis handlers – so check out our FDA Approved Pallets online!

The best pallets for handling CBD are FDA Approved

The best pallets for handling CBD are FDA Approved

CBD Handling & FDA Compliance may seem like the wild west –
we can help!

* What’s the greatest challenge you face as a material handling professional in the CBD and Cannabis industries?
* We’re here to help meet unique challenges in your warehouse!

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We’d love to hear from you – please let us know what other tricks you’ve used to safely transport other food products from rapidly emergent new product categories.

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