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Pallet Top Decks Explained

image Robin Kiefer image February 22, 2019
Plastic Pallet Decks Explained

Pallet Top Decks, What Are They?

A top deck is the top surface area of a pallet or skid, the space / platform that inventory or a more general payload will rest upon during storage or transportation. Although, top decks vary on by pallet, common top options can be found on both stringer and block pallets.

Two Pallet Top Deck Types: Open Deck & Closed Deck

The two main types of top decks on a pallet are, open decks and closed decks. An open deck can also be referred to as a ventilated deck, and a closed deck can also be referred to as a solid deck. Knowing the different types of top decks is important when selecting the best pallet option for your application!

Modern Top Decks: Open vs. Closed

Modern day top decks come in two main categories, open and closed. One Way Solutions offers both modern top deck styles in: nestable, rackable, and stackable plastic pallets Both of our open and closed top deck pallets are available in a full range of sizes to best suit your needs!

Open Pallet Top Deck

Open top decks, also known as ventilated decks, have openings in the surface often referred to as the mesh or grid. These openings make the pallets lighter in weight and less expensive to purchase. The larger the mesh/grid openings are, the thinner the plastic pallet appears. Open deck pallets also allow easy draining when wet. One of our most popular open deck pallets is our 40 x 48 x 5” Nestable Light Duty Plastic Pallet (#PP-O-40-NL7).
Open Deck Pallet #PP-O-40-NL7

The Popular PP-O-40-NL7 Open Deck Pallet

Closed Pallets Top Deck

Closed top decks, also known as solid top decks, have solid plastic surfaces without grated  openings. Most closed deck plastic pallets have a smooth surface with either an anti-skid surface or a lip around the perimeter. Closed deck pallets offer great hygiene due to protection from spills or splashes, and are easier to clean. One of our most popular closed deck pallets is our 40×48” Solid Deck Rackable Plastic Pallet (#PP-S-40-R3).
R3 Closed Deck Pallet

R3 Closed Deck Pallet

An Old School Take on Closed Decks

Our other most popular option for a closed deck plastic pallet would be any of our rackable RC plastic stringer pallets. These pallets are based off old school, classic stringer pallet drawings and designs. One of our best selling examples would be our 44×44” Heavy Duty Solid Deck Rackable Plastic Pallet (#PP-S-4444-RC).
Closed Pallet Top Deck - Old School

Closed Pallet Top Deck – Old School

Anti-Slip Options

Offering pallets with different anti-slip options and designs helps ensure that our customers inventory and products remain safe and secure. Some of our anti-slip designs include: * an elevated pallet lip or safety rim around the perimeter of our pallets * rubber surface attachments (known as pallet grommets). These anti-slip options are most commonly found on the smoother surfaces of our closed deck pallets.
Pallet Rubber Deck Grommets

Pallet Rubber Deck Grommets

Finding Your Perfect Pallet Online

Our plastic pallet experts want your pallet shopping to be as easy as possible! That’s why we offer a special way to filter your searches! When viewing our “Shop Plastic Pallets” or “Pallets by Industry” drop down bars, you have the option to filter your search to really narrow down what you’re looking for! The filter section can be found on the left of our product pages, right under the “Shop by Category” box.
Our Pallet Product Filters

Our Pallet Product Filters help you find what you need quickly!

Want to learn about Pallet Stringers?

There’s more to a pallet than a top deck – go here check out our article on Pallet Stringer Boards.

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Need Help Selecting A Pallet?

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