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Euro Pallets

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What Is A Euro Pallet

What Is A Euro Pallet?


The euro pallet is an important part of material handling history.

Its origin can be traced back to the 1960’s, when it was used to transport goods during railway transport. This pallet’s design allowed workers to load the pallet in 10% less time due to its cutting edge design and load capacity. These advantages established the Euro Pallet as an industry standard. In European markets, they were used almost exclusively for forklift and warehouse operations due to their optimal sizing.

The success of the Euro Pallet was followed by newly by imitations. Many imitators produced low-quality imitations using inferior grades of wood in attempt to copy the design of this successful pallet for a lower price. Due to the misleading nature of these inferior products, pallets that met the standards were identified with the logo “EUR” or “EPAL” to indicate that the pallet had met the license and certification of quality.

(seized pallets)

As time went on, word spread about his great pallet the europeans were using. As others around the world tried to get a hold of them, they realized that it did not work well in all of their applications. Especially when it came to certain International Organization for Standardization (ISO) shipping containers.

Evolution of Design

Due to the great success of this pallet design, there were a few similar products, that are named in the same family. On came the EUR-1, EUR-2, and the EUR-3.

All three of these EIR pallets are very close to the standard American 40 x 48 pallet.

The Eur-1 Pallet

The Eur-1 has the same dimensions dimensions as the EUR original (31.50 in × 47.24 in.)

The Eur-2 Pallet

The EUR-2 pallet measures in at a larger size (47.24 in x 39.37 in).

The Eur-3 Pallet

The EUR-3 has the same overall dimensions as The EUR-2, but the length and width are switched (39.37 in x 47.24 in).

Translation to American market and plastic

While European pallets are sized in mm, In the American markets pallets are sized in inches. In the American market 48 x 40 is the standard size in inches which is 1219 x 1016 mm. The EUR original is 1200 x 1000 mm which is 31.50 in × 47.24 inches.

Below is a chart with conversions from mm to inches with their production rank and the industries that use them most in the United States.

Our Euro Pallets

Here are some of the euro pallets we offer:

32 x 48 Nestable Euro Pal 2 Plastic Pallet # PP-O-32-N2
32 x 48 Nestable Medium Duty Ex-Pal Euro Plastic Pallet # PP-O-32-N
32 x 48 Rackable Euro Pal 2 Plastic Pallet # PP-O-32-R2A
32 x 48 Rackable Euro Pal 2 Polyethylene Plastic Pallet – Unassembled # PP-O-32-R2-PE
32 x 48 Rackable Euro Pal 2 Plastic Pallet # PP-O-32-R2A
32 x 48 Rackable Solid Deck Plastic Euro Pallet – 3 Runner # PP-S-32-E7
32 x 48 Heavy Duty Solid-Deck Stackable Euro Plastic Pallet # PP-S-3248-RC
32 x 48 Nestable Molded Wood Euro Pallet – Export Ready # PW-S-3248-NX
32 x 48 x 29 Fixed Wall Euro Bulk Container – Blue # CP-S-32-F

We offer many variations of the euro pallet, listed above are just a few of them.

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  1. Eugene Schlageter

    I have EPAL pallets I would like to sell. I am in New Mexico and can’t find anyone near me to buy them. They are 32″x48″ and I have 36 of them. Are you interested and how much could you offer for them?

    1. Robin Kiefer Post author

      Hi Eugene – thank you for reaching out. We don’t have any New Mexico customers that would be interested; you might have better luck listing a ‘for sale’ ad on Craigslist. Best of luck!


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