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2020 is knocking – Any room left in your Plastic Pallet Budget?

image Robin Kiefer image December 19, 2018
Plastic Pallet Budget

Buying Pallets With Surplus Year End Budget

The End Is Near – Are You Prepared?

*With 2019 quickly coming to a close, it’s important for all businesses to make sure they have taken advantage of their allotted spending for the year. That especially holds true for the plastic pallet industry.

*Using all of your plastic pallet budget by the end of the year enables optimal spending, while also allowing your business to prosper.

*At One Way we have pallet experts ready to assist you in making the most out of your plastic pallet budget by year’s end.

Why is this important? Because!

* Here at One Way Solutions, we offer top of the line pallets for all industries and purposes. Making the most of your plastic pallet budget with our products allows you to save money and stay stress free of shipping hassles. All of our products are fully export compliant and not subject to the ISPM-15 regulations, alleviating you of the anxiety of dealing with delays and other burdens.

*Utilizing your entire plastic pallet budget with One Way before the new year also leads to reducing your taxable income!

We Optimize Plastic Pallet Budgets

* One Way Solutions offers the best prices with reliable service. Your plastic pallet budget will be used efficiently especially around this time of the ending fiscal year. Make sure to take advantage of these prices as you can stock up on plastic pallets before the end of the year!

*We can also help you find the best shipping rates with our real time freight rating and optimizers. We will always find the best shipping rates because we have an extraordinary and caring team. Our sales team loves to help customers out specifically when it comes to saving client’s hard earned cash!

*Lastly, make sure to take advantage of our service to maximize your plastic pallet budget!

Top 4 Best Selling Pallets: For a Reason!


This nestable light duty pallet is a fan favorite. We like to call it the muscle-car of all rackable pallets out there. It includes three permanent runners, which increases the strength. It can hold a dynamic capacity of 2,800 lbs. This pallet has great strength at the price of a light duty model.


40 x 48 Light/Medium Duty Nestable Plastic Pallet

PP-O-40-NM7 40 x 48 Light/Medium Duty Nestable Plastic Pallet

The NM7 is a plastic pallet gaining ground in popularity. This is due to the large dynamic capacity of 2,700 lbs. Along with the light duty pricing, similar to the NL7. The NM7 was engineered to endure heavy capacity while cutting down on weight of the pallet itself. Weighing in at 17 lbs. (super light) this pallet can do what many pallets this weight cannot achieve.


The SL7 is commonly used for exports and storage while having seemingly endless additional uses. This pallet is very similar to the NL7 yet there is a key difference as his one os stackable. IT still has the same muscle-car pallet feel in regards to pricing and weight capacity capability.


40 x 48 Stackable Light Medium Duty Plastic Pallet - 3 Runner

PP-O-40-SM7 40 x 48 Stackable Light Medium Duty Plastic Pallet – 3 Runner

Much like the NM7, yet this one has three permanently attached runners to increase the strength and the stackable surface area. These will ship unassembled but assembly is extremely easy.

Let me know how I can help!

* What’s the greatest challenge you face in your warehouse?

* We’re here to help meet unique challenges in your warehouse!

We’d love to hear from you – please let us know what other tricks you’ve used to save on freight – and check our our article on other ways to save money on pallet shipping charges.

Need Help Selecting A Pallet?

Our Plastic Pallet Experts are happy to help you find the right plastic Plastic Pallet and send you a quote that includes shipping costs.

Please contact us to find the perfect pallet at the best price.

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