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Shipping Pallets By Rail – Intermodal Shipping

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Pallets By Rail - Save Money on Pallet Freight!


Shipping Pallets By Rail

What is Rail Freight?

Rail freight is a shipping method using rail freight cars to transport raw materials and finished goods over land.

A single shipment could be an entire freight car – or an entire train itself – whatever the shipper needs.

Trains carry goods on rail cars as far as train tracks can take them, dropping off rail cars at the railway yard closest to the consignees delivery location. At this point, trucks are used to  However, trucks are used to transport freight from the yard to the final destination.

The systematic combination of different shipping methods used between pickup and delivery point is known as Intermodal Freight.

What is Intermodal Freight

Intermodal freight is any combination of transportation modes; specifically truck, train, ship, and plane. Intermodal allows shipments to maximize the benefits of each mode to ensure the most economical and timely outcome. Intermodal also can take a single origin shipment and deliver it to multiple destinations. Limitations of intermodal include several handling events which can result in breakage along with specific organization requirements of each mode.

What is Rail Car is best for Pallet Freight?

Freight can be carried by different types of rail cars, such as:

  • triple decker car carriers
  • tank cars
  • ore cars
  • gondolas
  • intermodal cars

Intermodal Cars are the perfect choice for shipping pallets by rail. Here’s one now!

intermodal freight cars are perfect for shipping pallets by rail
A double stacked intermodal freight car
ow many plastic can be transported in a 53′ intermodal car? Thousands of units – and tons!

Why are Intermodal Cars perfect for shipping Plastic Pallets by Rail?

Intermodal cars are long, strong, and down to get the friction on! 

– Sir Ships-A-Lot

Intermodal cars are:

  • Long – Approximately 70 feet long, allowing them to easily transport 53′ containers full of plastic pallets. 
  • Strong – they can carry gross weights of 220,000 lbs – that’s more pallet weight than we could hope to pack into a container. 

Blocking and Bracing

When loading a full truckload / rail car shipment, it is mandatory that you judge freight stability and take any measures required to prevent unwanted movement during transportation.

The process of shoring up loose pallet loads and empty space is called blocking and bracing.

During the blocking and bracing process, warehouse staff should cautiously load the container, position the pallets, and reinforcing the all packed goods to prevent any shifting, tipping, collapse, and falling does not accidentally occur during transport and delivery.

We Hope That Helps!

We hoped you enjoyed learning about the basics of shipping plastic pallets by rail – a great way to optimize the pallet’s journey from our dock to your dock – saving money by reducing freight to the most efficient method during each segment of transport.

We’d love to hear from you – please let us know what other tricks you’ve used to save on freight – and check our our article on other ways to save money on pallet shipping charges. 

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