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Why Buy Plastic Pallets from One Way Solutions

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Should I Be Buying Direct from a Pallet Manufacturer?

Or Should I Be Buying Direct from a Pallet Distributor?

A Pallet Manufacturer makes the pallet.

A Pallet Distributor buys the pallet from the manufacturer and resells it.

Buying from a pallet manufacturer (buying direct) could allow you to bypass purchasing from a distributor’s website or retail store.

But is it a good idea to buy from a Pallet Manufacturer?

Perhaps your motivation is the belief that eliminating the pallet distributor will allow you to get better pricing? After all, it’s one less layer and you’re that much closer to actual product.

In reality, buying from a distributor offers numerous advantages that manufacturers are unable to offer.

Fiction: It’s better to buy from a pallet manufacturer because you’ll get a better price.

Fact: Buying pallets from a distributor is a much better way to go.

One Way Solutions, Proudly Distributing Pallets

We often take calls from people asking if manufacture our plastic pallets or just distribute them. When we respond that we’re a distributor; we’re asked to provide the manufacturer’s phone number.

We are happy to provide this information; we are confident they will be calling us back!

Is it because we offer lower pallet pricing – or is there another reason?

Why should you buy pallets from a distributor?

A plastic pallet distributor like One Way Solutions has the selection of a retailer, the product quality of a manufacturer, and unmatched personal customer service.

Expertise & Experience

We also have the pallet experience many other distributors and manufacturers lack.

One Way Solutions has been in business since 1987; and unlike more general packaging supply companies, we have been focused on just one product: plastic pallets.

plastic pallet experts

Plastic Pallet Experts

Wider Selection Of Pallets

As a plastic pallet distributor, we’re able to extend a huge offering of various different types of pallets, with different plastic resins for all different industries.

This is usually not true for pallet manufacturers.

Pallet manufacturers offer a single line of branded pallets, limiting their offering of pallet models and the ability to provide the pallet best fit to your application. Some manufacturers only produce 1 pallet model!

Think of it like an entire aisle of snack chips! Would you prefer to shop from just one brand, or have multiple brands to choose from? Buying from a pallet distributor gives you the best options to be successful!

Manufacturers don’t have that same ability because they don’t offer the same variety, only their own branded pallets. This can lead to a lot of problems for customers, especially if that manufacturer is sold out of their product and cannot substitute the pallet, causing interruptions in material handling operations.

Manufacturers may appear to offer lower prices due to higher volumes on a smaller number of products; however, One Way Solutions has other economies of scale that allows us to offer extremely competitive pallet prices, because we don’t have the added overhead of a  manufacturing facility to support.

Offering a variety of pallets that ship from multiple factories allows us provide comparable products when manufacturing delays occur (pallet talk mold breakdowns, pallet backorders) that may lead to longer product lead times.

When a pallet supply delay occurs, we often have dozens of options for pallet substitutions that we can ship our customer operations go uninterrupted. That’s our risk management solution to keeping you well supplied.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Finally, buying from OWS provides customers with unmatched customer service that larger pallet manufacturers cannot offer.

Large manufacturers frequently blow off smaller buyers if the order is below a certain quantity. If they receive a quote it will usually take days and will usually not include a freight estimate shipping. If they aren’t ordering multiple truckloads, they will usually be ignored or passed off to a pallet distributor.

Pallet manufacturers rely on a smaller number of large customers for the bulk of their sales; these larger customers are given preferential treatment and faster service over other customers, resulting in longer lead times for smaller customers.

For all these reasons, you should buy from One Way Solutions, a proud plastic pallet distributor!

What qualities does One Way Solutions show?

Buying from a pallet distributor, such as One Way Solutions, carries a personal touch that many manufacturers and even other distributors just do not possess. At One Way, there is always someone waiting to talk to you regarding any needs you may have. If you were to call most other companies, especially manufacturers, you would end up talking and being directed around by a confusing phone robot attendant.

Buying from a pallet distributor provides hundreds of different pallet types ranging from manufacturer, style, and type. You are able to find all of these plastic pallet selections right on this website! If one were to look at our Google reviews, or even customer testimonials, you could see customer service and satisfaction are our #1 priorities.

The Main Advantages Of Ordering from One Way:

Customer Service

One Ways Solutions offers swift customer service regardless of order size. No matter the size of the order, your company places for our high quality pallets, you will be helped by our plastic Pallet Experts quickly and efficiently.

Whether we are sending large pallet bulk orders or just a few pallet samples out to prospective customers, our Pallet Experts will accommodate your every need and answer any question you may have.


Here at One Way, we can replace your pallets if out of stock. Along with that, we have extremely competitive prices that gives us an edge in our market and are very willing to negotiate prices. We also have the ability to create custom pallets that are ideal for whatever needs your business has. Our job is to help make your job easier.

High Volume Advantage

We are very willing to negotiate pricing on products, especially when we sell in bulk. Along with that, buying in higher volume allows you to keep shipping costs lower. Plastic pallets are lighter than wood, allowing them to ship more quantity per truck.

We know all pallets, not just a particular line.

We sell pallets for use in over 10 industries while also having many different pallet types.
We are able to use various different types of plastic resins, to satisfy all your needs. All of our plastic pallets are fully export compliant and not subject to ISPM-15 regulations, making it convenient for you. One Way provides high quality pallets that work for many different kinds of applications at a low cost.

Benefits of Buying from One Way Solutions

Plastic pallets range heavily in variety.

Why would you want to limit yourself by buying direct from a manufacturer?

Is it worth chasing a few pennies while sacrificing reliable customer service?

Many of One Way solutions customers have been with us for a long time.

Do you think that if you are buying at a small rate of quantity you will be treated with respect by the manufacturer?

No matter the order size, type of pallet, or any other factor, One Way Solutions will always be able to help you achieve your goals in a professional yet personal manner.

Do you think there are other advantages to buying from a distributor such as One Way Solutions?

Please share your comments, ideas, and experiences.

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