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Why Choose a 43 x 43 Pallet size?

image Robin Kiefer image April 1, 2020
Why Choose 43 x 43 Pallet Size

Size matters.

Selecting the correct pallet size is first and possibly most important decision point when selecting the proper plastic pallet for your warehouse or storage project.

Let’s dig into when you would best be served by selecting the 43 x 43 pallet size.

Why Choose a 43 x 43 Pallet size?

It’s an ISO Standard Size

The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) officially recognizes sanctions six different pallet sizes in their ISO Standard 6780:2003 specification.

Also known as the 1100mm x 1100mm size, the 43″ x 43″ pallet is more commonly used in Asia, and is designed for use in ISO shipping containers, optimizing 86% of container floor space with only 14% waste.

Sea Containers are narrower than the width of a standard semi truck, so a specialized pallet with, like the 43 x 43 is needed to maximize capacity.

What Industries Use The 43 x 43 Pallet size?

Air freight & Export

The Air Freight industry, especially freight bound to and from Asia, frequently uses the 43 x 43 pallet size, often referred to as Export Pallets in the 1100mm x 1100mm size.

Bulk Chemicals

Because bulk granular chemicals are frequently 42 x 42″ bulk bags, the 43″ x 43″ pallet size is perfectly suited for their transportation.

43 x 43 Pallet Size Options?

Open / Closed Pallet Decks

43 x 43 Pallets are available in both open decks (solid tops) and open decks (perforated tops).

Pallet Base Options

43 x 43 Pallets are available with 9 Feet, 3 Runners, Or 6 Runner pallet bases.

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