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Shop Plastic Pallets

Looking for plastic skids for your warehouse? One Way Solutions has the perfect Plastic Pallets For Sale to suit every need.

One Way Solutions carries a wide variety of solid top and open top reinforced plastic pallets, including Nestable Plastic Pallets > , Rackable Plastic Pallets > , and Stackable Plastic Pallets > .

We've also organized our Plastic Pallet Selection by Industry >

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37 x 37 Plastic Fire Retardant Beverage Pallet >

Width37" length37" height5.5" weight46.0 Lbs Dynamic LoadDL5000 Lbs

32 x 40 Rackable Plastic Beverage Pallet - Fire Retardant >

Width32" length40" height5.5" weight36.0 Lbs Dynamic LoadDL5000 Lbs

32 x 37 Fire Retardant Rackable Plastic Pallet >

Width32" length37" height5.5" weight33.0 Lbs Dynamic LoadDL5000 Lbs

44 x 48 Rackable Stackable Fire Retardant Plastic Pallet >

Width44" length48" height5.9" weight62.0 Lbs Dynamic LoadDL5000 Lbs

40 x 48 Heavy Duty Rackable Plastic Pallet w/ 5 Fiberglass Reinforcing Rods + Freezer Additive + Fire Retardant >

Width40" length48" height5.9" weight59.0 Lbs Dynamic LoadDL5000 Lbs
Set Descending Direction

5 Item(s)