Plastic Pallets

Plastic Pallets

Looking for plastic skids for your warehouse? One Way Solutions has the perfect Plastic Pallets For Sale to suit every need.

One Way Solutions carries a wide variety of solid top and open top reinforced plastic pallets, including Nestable Plastic Pallets >, Rackable Plastic Pallets >, and Stackable Plastic Pallets >.

We've also organized our Plastic Pallet By Industry

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24 x 40 Nestable Plastic Pallet >

Width24" length40" height5.5" weight16.0 Lbs Dynamic LoadDL1500 Lbs

48 x 90 Nestable Solid Deck Plastic Pallet >

Width48" length90" height5.5" weight98.0 Lbs Dynamic LoadDL2800 Lbs

24 x 40 Rackable Black Plastic Pallet >

Width24" length40" height6" weight36.0 Lbs Dynamic LoadDL3500 Lbs

24 x 40 Stackable Solid-Deck Plastic Pallet - Black >

Width24" length40" height5" weight27.0 Lbs Dynamic LoadDL2000 Lbs
Set Descending Direction

4 Item(s)