Stackable Plastic Pallets

Stackable Plastic Pallets

Stackable Plastic Pallets offer more pallet storage and shipping options. Stackable pallets are designed to maintain maximum stability when stacked with or without products on them, especially during shipping.

For stackable pallets that also minimize storage space, consider our selection of nestable pallets. For added safety, we also offer stackable pallets in fire retardant and FDA approved models.

As with all of our pallet types, One Way Solutions offers custom and specialty models of stackable pallets to meet the needs of any business or industryand will even make a custom mold if necessary. If you are still having trouble finding the right pallet, contact us today and we will help you. 

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40 x 48 Rackable Plastic FDA Pallet - Grey >

Width40" length48" height6.3" weight47.5 Lbs Dynamic LoadDL5000 Lbs

40 x 48 Stackable Plastic FDA Pallet w/ Safety Lip - Grey >

Width40" length48" height5.9" weight43.0 Lbs Dynamic LoadDL4000 Lbs

32 x 48 Rackable Stackable Plastic Euro Pallet - 3 Runner - Grey >

Width32" length48" height5.9" weight29.0 Lbs Dynamic LoadDL3000 Lbs

40 x 48 Stackable FDA Approved Plastic Pallet - Grey >

Width40" length48" height5.12" weight34.0 Lbs Dynamic LoadDL4000 Lbs

48 x 48 Solid Deck Stackable Plastic Pallet - 9 Legs >

Width48" length48" height5.25" weight29.5 Lbs Dynamic LoadDL6000 Lbs

40 x 48 Rackable FDA Plastic Pallet - Grey >

Width40" length48" height6.25" weight50.0 Lbs Dynamic LoadDL5000 Lbs
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6 Item(s)