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TAA Compliant Pallets

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TAA Compliant Pallets

Have you been told you need to supply or order TAA Compliant Pallets?

No problem! One Way Solutions is proud to offer exclusively TAA Compliant Pallets.

More than 99% of the pallets we supply are USA Made and all products we offer are TAA Compliant!

How To Locate TAA Compliant Pallets

It’s really easy! All pallets on our website are TAA compliant.

And even better – all USA made pallets are clearly identified, because we mark them with an American Flag and a Made In USA stamp!

But Where Do I Find TAA Approved Pallets?

Well actually, there’s no such thing as a TAA Approved Pallet. All our pallets comply, but the Feds do not run around granting approval to pallets.

And it’s our job to provide you a TAA compliant pallet  that meets your applications.

What is TAA compliance?

The TAA term originates from the 1979 Trade Agreements Act (Title 19 of United States Code & 2501-2581), also known as the TAA.

The TAA was enacted to establish a means of governance to carry out the Trade Act Of 1974, an act devised to make the United States more competitive in the world economy, including formally empowering the federal government to take measures to counteract any unfair trade practices utilized in other countries.

The TAA stipulates that the U.S. Government can restrict federal contract purchases (this includes GSA contracts) to goods made by the United States or a “Designated Country.” A designated country is one that has a free trade agreement with the United States, is a member of the World Trade Organization Government Procurement Agreement, is a specific underdeveloped countries, and one of a list of countries from the the Caribbean Basin.

For a full list of TAA Designated Countries, see Federal Acquisition Regulation 25.003.

Contractors must certify that each end product meets the applicable requirements. End products are ‘those articles, materials and supplies to be acquired for public use’.” This includes items which have been “substantially transformed” in the United States.

Eaton’s TAA compliant products are assembled in the U.S.A and are approved to be acquired by the United States Government for use. These products are also compliant with GSA Schedules.

What If I Want TTA Compliant Pallets Made In The USA?

No problem! More than 99% of the pallets we carry are USA made.

How To Locate USA Made Pallets

Here is where this stamp is placed on our website:

USA Made Pallets

Pallets Made In The USA

Our Category Pages

When your are shopping our Nestable, Stackable, Rackable, or any of our other categories, you’ll see our Made In USA icon in the upper right hand corner of each product listing, as follows:

USA Made Pallets on Category Pages

TAA Compliant pallets are USA Made Pallets! – Category Pages

Our Product Pages

Individual Product Pages display our Made In USA icon under the name of the product, like this:

USA Made Pallets - Product Page

USA Made Pallets are TAA Compliant Pallets! – Product Page


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