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Plastic Pallets In Stock – Hello St. Louis

image Robin Kiefer image May 30, 2018

St. Louis Grand Opening!

Here at One Way Solutions, we are proud to announce the grand opening of our new St. Louis Warehouse! Our St. Louis warehouse will stock some of our best-selling, USA made pallets. In doing this we hope to outpace the constantly increasing demand for our plastic pallets! 

One Way Solutions Plastic Pallet Warehouse - St Louis

Now shipping from our new St. Louis warehouse!

Fully Stocked!

Our St. Louis warehouse will be housing many of our best selling plastic pallets, some of which will include:

PP-O-32-N2 32 x 48” Nestable Euro Pal 2 Plastic Pallet

PP-O-40-Eco1.3R 40 x 48” Rackable / Stackable Open Deck Plastic Pallet – 3 Runners – Black

PP-O-40-NL3.1 40 x 48” Nestable Plastic Pallet – Medium Duty

PP-O-45-NL 45 x 48” Nestable Plastic Automotive Pallet

PP-O-4545-N 45 x 45” Nestable Plastic Pallet

PP-S-40-R3 40 x 48” Solid Deck Rackable Plastic Pallet

General Sizing Options

At our new St. Louis warehouse we will be carrying different sizing options for the products listed above. Our sizing options are measured in inches and range from:

• 32 x 48” (Euro Pallets – fit smaller European sized trucks)

• 40 x 48” (Most popular size in the USA, most styles are offered in this size)

• 45 x 48” (Most popular in the automotive industry)

• 45 x 45” (Most commonly used to transport drums and chemicals. Also commonly used by the ocean freight industry)

Allowing our pallets to be available in different sizes is beneficial to our customers located in and outside of the US. Our different sizes allow our pallets to fit in different size transportation vehicles, ocean freights, and air freights. This is important to us so that our customers all over the world can purchase and utilize our pallets! 

Nestable and Rackable

Our St. Louis warehouse will contain different pallet options such as nestable and rackable plastic pallets. Nestable plastic pallets are designed in a way to stack more pallets at a safer height while also maintaining structure and balance. While our Rackable plastic pallets are designed to be more durable and reliable when stored on racks.

Positives of our Nestable Plastic Pallets:

  • Durable
  • Save floor space • Safer
  • Lighter in weight & density (reduces freight costs)
  • Improve stackability
  • Allow options for snap on runners

Positives of our Rackable Plastic Pallets:

  • Maximize floor space
  • FDA approved models available
  • Fire Retardant models available
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Safer


Our Promises to You!

At One Way Solutions we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, quality products, great lead times, and exceeding customer expectations. These are goals and achievements we carry through to all of our shipping locations and warehouses. Our newest addition, being our St. Louis warehouse, will be held to the same standards to provide the best service imaginable!

  • Lead Times – we promise to ship your order within 2-5 business days after the order is placed (depending on location).
  • Customer Service – We promise to always provide the best customer service and be on site as soon as an issue occurs. Our customer service never expires!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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2 Comments on “Plastic Pallets In Stock – Hello St. Louis

  1. Matt Biver

    I am a farmer / small business owner across the river from St. Louis in Illinois. I am looking for plastic pallets that are preferably 43 x 43 but could also do a 45 x 45. These need to be strong pallets able to handle up to 2,400 lbs. They also need to be able to be moved with a pallet jack. We only need between 20 and 30 of these. I realize this is a small order but if you have something that you think might work for our situation I would greatly appreciate you getting back to me.

    1. Robin Kiefer Post author

      Hi Matt – I’m sorry for the delay.

      But check out this 45 x 45 pallet #PP-S-4545-S we just launched on our site; it’s comparatively low-priced and ships from the quad cities:

      If you would like me to send a quote, just send me your a delivery address so I can estimate freight (if you like). Cheers!


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