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Pallet Stringers Explained

image Robin Kiefer image October 17, 2018

Pallet Stringers

Stringer Pallets are one of the original models of wooden pallets. A stringer pallet is a pallet with a unique design that adds boards, known as the stringers, to create a more stable base for heavy unit loads. When looking at a plastic pallet stringer, the stringers can be identified on each side of the pallet, as well as, down the middle of the pallet. However, pallet stringers no longer have to be built in or permanently attached to a pallet. Detachable plastic pallet stringers make it possible to customize basic pallets to make them as versatile as possible. Most commonly pallet stringers are able to be picked up by either a forklift or pallet jack forks, through a two way entry. Stringer pallets or pallet stringers can be made from wood or plastic, and be notched to create partial four way entries if needed.  
pallet stringers

Stringer Pallets vs. Block Pallets

The original model of a stringer pallet differs from that of a traditional block pallet. A stringer pallet is only accessible to be picked up from a two way entry unless specifically notched to have a partial four way entry. A block pallet is almost always accessible from a four way entry. This is because block pallets have hand jack openings. Along with the openings, a block pallet has about 4-12 blocks supporting a unit load, these are located between the top of the pallet and the bottom deck boards. Block pallets can also be made from wood or plastic. A stringer pallet allows a full coverage base where a block pallet has three different base options. A block pallets base can be perimeter based, uni-directional based, or have an overlapping base.

The Design of a Stringer Pallet

A stringer pallet, is a pallet that has boards known as the stringers, on each side, and down the middle of a pallet, sandwiched between the top and bottom boards. The stringers run lengthwise on the pallets and grant the pallets more support for the unit load. This design allows a two way entry and ability for the pallet’s deckboards to be chambered for a pallet jackets wheels to enter.
stringer pallet

Modern Plastic Pallets & Pallet Stringers

Some of our plastic pallets have detachable pallet stringers that snap on and off to create a more versatile pallet. Allowing our stringers to snap on and off of our pallets, allows a pallet to be stackable or rackable depending on how they’re applied. A great example of a rackable/stackable plastic stringer pallet is our 45 x 48 Heavy Duty Solid-Deck Rackable Plastic Pallet (# PP-S-4548-RC).
stringer pallet

Which is better?

When deciding what type of pallet to invest in, both block and stringer pallets are good options. Each, whether plastic or wood, can be modified, notched, and configured in the molding process to create the perfect pallet for its intended use or easy mobility. Block pallets typically cost more than stringer pallets due to production and material costs.

3 Questions to ask when selecting the perfect pallet!

  • How will the pallets be stored?
  • How will the pallets be handled and transported?
  • What is the cost?

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Share your Comments!

What is your preferred pallet type, stringers or block? What benefits or advantages do you feel they hold for you? Do you like the concept of a detachable plastic pallet stringer? We’d love to hear from you – please share thoughts in the comments below.

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